Thursday Update

Hey there friends! We're just 18 days in to the New Year and I'm already failing at my goal of blogging regularly. In my defense, it's been a crazy few weeks. We moved out of our house on the 6th and had plans to stay in a beach house on base. Unfortunately, our winter storm caused frozen pipes and the beach closed down for over a week. We were lucky to have a place to stay thanks to Jesse's brother and his family. The girls loved having extra time with their cousins and we were so happy to we didn't have to drag ourselves, all of our stuff, and the two dogs to a hotel.

We were finally able to check into the beach house on Saturday and we hung out there until yesterday. It was way too cold to really enjoy any outdoor activities but we relaxed and enjoyed the views. 

Yesterday was a great day because we got the keys to our rental and we spent our first night here last night. We are so very excited to finally get settled and back into a routine. Even better, it snowed last night and due to icy road conditions, school and work were cancelled for today. It's currently pretty much all thawed out so we are using this free day to move the rest of our stuff in. Woohoo!!! I've already made a ton of progress and I feel confident that I'll be completely done by Saturday. We aren't planning on hanging anything on the walls until we know if we are getting orders. If we find out we're moving again in a few months we'll probably stay decor free just to make the next move easy. I'm not a fan of bare walls but we'll make due. :) I'll definitely share pictures of our new place once we are unpacked. 

In the meantime, here are a few randoms.

1. FOUR!!! Tuesday was this sweet girl's 4th birthday. I have a post in the works sharing all about our Addy Lou. We also plan on having a real  birthday party for her later in the month when we're settled in the new house. In the meantime, we had our traditional family celebration on Monday since we had work and school on her actual birthday.

All that celebrating wore her out. Parker was just offering moral support. :)

2. I ordered this adorable Prayer Journal that Allison from Inspired Budget shared on Instagram last week. One of my goals is to read the Bible or a devotional daily and I think this little journal will be perfect to help me stay on track. I also think it will be great to look back on in the future. I can't wait to get it!

3. Our rental doesn't have a coat closet downstairs so I'm thinking about ordering a hall tree. I have my eye on this one because I already have a few industrial looking pieces.  What do y'all think? 

4. My goal to read more this year is off to a slow start. I have a couple of books on hold at the library but I need something to read in the meantime. I love almost all genres so send your suggestions my way!

I think that's it for today! Hope everyone has a great week!


Snow Days 2018

We live in an area that gets snow pretty rarely. We're lucky if we get anything significant once a year. A few weeks ago we had 2-4 inches in the forecast but none of us were holding our breath because the forecasts very rarely come to fruition.  The day before the snow was forecasted we found out that we were all getting released early from school and work.  By 8 pm that night, heavy sleet was coming down. By 10 we had a pretty good covering. The girls were beyond thrilled!

We woke up to over 4 inches of snow! I can't remember the last time I've seen it like this here. It was so beautiful.

We had several freezing days before and it stayed cold so the snow stuck around for almost a week. I had 3 days off of work and Emerson's school was closed for 5. Needless to say, we really enjoyed our snow days and made sure to spend lots of time outside.
We don't have sleds or any hills so we improvised with a boogie board and the 4 Runner. Can you tell we live in a beach town?

We had snowball fights, explored in the woods, and made snow ice cream several times. Our town just doesn't have the equipment to deal with snow and ice so the whole thing pretty much shuts down at the first sign of a flake. It was nice to have time with the kids and all of our favorite neighbors without having to worry about going anywhere. It was a great last few days in the neighborhood. 

By the last few days I think we were all getting a little cabin fever. We had so much fun but it was also nice to get back into our routine of work and school. We have snow in the forecast again this week but I think we are all keeping our fingers crossed that it stays away. Once a year is plenty for us southerners. :)


Celebrating 2017

Before I share our New Year's celebrations, I think it's only fitting to share my Top Nine from Instagram. I love looking back at these pictures and remembering the moments behind them. I'm so thankful for everything we experienced this year! From new jobs to re-enlistments, vacations to the transition to first grade, we were truly blessed in 2017.

Anyway, we continued our tradition with our second annual neighborhood New Year's Eve party. My neighbor hosted it at her house. Last year we had a bonfire and the kids were able to run around outside all night. This year, it was in the 20's with a feel like temperature of 9 degrees so we had to move the festivities inside. That didn't stop the kids from having a blast though. They even made it to midnight and we all rang in the New Year together.


Currently Part 2



I completed this survey last year right around this time so I thought it would be fun to do it again.

Reading:  I haven't read a book in a few months but it is a goal of mine this year. 

Planning:: How I'm going to keep two kids and two dogs entertained in a 600 sq ft beach cabin for two weeks in the middle of winter. #prayforme

Watching: Believe it or not, I'm STILL watching Grey's Anatomy. I restarted the entire series around September of 2016 and I am close to the end of Season 13 on Netflix. I watch a couple of episodes a week so it has taken me FOREVER to make my way through it. Other than that the only thing I watch is kids shows. :)

Cooking:  I made this Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese soup a few days ago. It was delicious and even the kids liked it!

Eating: Just drinking coffee.

Pinning: I've been pinning lots of teaching resources and ideas. All I can say is where was Pinterest when I was teaching 10 years ago!

Crafting: No crafting going on here. Today is moving day and we only have a few things left in the house. Hopefully once we get moved and settled I'll get back to crafting. I honestly haven't done a lot since I went back to work but I really hope to this year.

Loving: All of the fun we've had in the snow the last few days. It's been a great way to end our time in this amazing neighborhood with neighbors that feel like family.

Dreaming: Of where we'll end up next.  The Marine Corps very well could leave us right where we are or they could decide to move us across the world. There's no telling but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an adventure.

Feeling: Anxious to get this move over with and close on this house.

Listening: Honestly the only thing I listen to these days is kids music on repeat. Adelyn is currently obsessed with the Frozen soundtrack and I'm pretty sure I know every last word to Let It Go. 

Celebrating: My sweet girl will soon be 4 so we will definitely be celebrating that. I'll also hit my one year anniversary at my job in a few weeks.
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