Hello from the Heart of Africa

 Hi friends and family!
We have been in Africa for two weeks now and we are settling in slowly. We love our house and the landscaping is just gorgeous. It's definitely safe to say that we are living in a tropical paradise. Once we are outside the gates of our home, it's a lot to take in. The streets are crowded with taxis, motorcycles and mini-buses. I'm so proud of Jesse for his excellent driving skills- there is no way I would brave these streets. Although there are a few stop signs around, no one seems to pay them any mind. I literally have to hide my eyes at least 5-6 times every time we go somewhere because of the crazy drivers. I will post some pictures as soon as I can-the roads are something you have to see to believe!
mike -n- amy young said...

Hey guys! Glad to hear that u made it to Africa okay. They blog looks great and we r looking forward to hearing about life in Africa. I'm sure you will have tuns of crazy great experiences to share. We miss u guys already, a little piece of what we know as jville is missing :( but we hope u 2 r enjoying everything there, y'all be safe n I'm sure we'll tlk soon. Ciao

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