Good Eats AND Beautiful Views

Since arriving in Africa, we have been out to eat several times. It's really one of the only things to do so it's a pretty popular pasttime around here. I have to admit that I was nervous at first, but so far we've had pretty good experiences. We've had some decent pizza and lasagne- though you have to specify that you want mozarella cheese when you order. If not, you end up with Congolese cheese and it is DISGUSTING! I've also found a salad that I love- it's loaded with fresh veggies, mango and the best avocado that I have ever eaten. They don't have ranch dressing- but they make some tasty vinaigrette.  One of the best restaurants we've been to sits on a mountain overlooking the city. The view at night is absolutely beautiful, as you can see above. I had chicken with really great french fries and Jesse...well.... Jesse ordered rabbit in dark beer sauce. To say that I was disgusted by this is an absolute understatement. He seemed to like it, but I just couldn't get images of Thumper out of my head....
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