Life's a Beach

After spending the last 8 years in North Carolina, Jesse and I are both beach lovers. When we decided to do the program, we made the decision that we were going to try to get a place somewhere near water. We didn't care what kind- as long as it was water. Luckily for us, we ended up in a tropical paradise and this is where we spend a majority of our free time:
Although it looks like an ocean, it's actually the third deepest lake in the world. It's beautiful because it is surrounded by mountains. Sometimes they disappear along the horizon due to the haze, and it almost feels like the water is endless.
I haven't been swimming in the lake yet- remember what I said about it being the third deepest lake in the world? It's over 5,000 feet deep so I'm a little hesitant to get in. Who knows what kind of crazy creatures are lurking in there. I do take a dip in the pool occasionally, and of course, we play lots of sand volleyball, while enjoying a few beers. :)
But my absolute favorite thing to do is just lounge around and enjoy the beautiful views.

If you're ever in the area and want to soak up some sun, you know where to find us!
With Love,
The Lynchs
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