We'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain

Last weekend we decided to get out of the city and headed to a little mountain resort about an hour away. We were so excited when we got there because it was actually cool enough outside to wear long sleeves!

Ok- so I might have overdone it with the cableknit hat and scarf- but I was totally living in the moment and enjoying the fall-like weather. :)
We started the hike up the mountain and made a few stops along the way to enjoy the amazing scenery.

We also made  new friends along the way! Some kids from the village followed us all the way up the mountain. Even though they were barefoot, they were outclimbing all of us. They didn't speak any English or French but they could say "My name is..." Although our communication wasn't the greatest- it was tons of fun to have their company. At the top of the mountian, Jesse made a fire and cooked beanie weanies and vienna sausage. So, we shared that, along with muffins and homemade bread, with them. They loved it and repaid us by making sure we took a good path on the way down.

After making the hike back down, we enjoyed some delicious food next to the fire in the lodge.

 Then we paid for our room ($32.00!!!) and checked out the rest of the grounds. The view from our room was amazing!
And the rest of the place was just as beautiful.
Needless to say, it was a great escape and we can't wait to go back.
With Love,
The Lynchs
P.S. Thanks to my followers! :) I love you guys!
Gretchen said...

I'm so glad you started this blog!!! I love reading about your adventures, thanks for sharing!!!

Nicole said...

Oh Tami!! This looks like an awesome time!!! I am glad you had a great trip! I love reading your blog and love all the pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

The Carver's said...

That sounds and looks Amazing!!! Makes me wanna come visit you! :)

Much Love,

Kirsty said...

Great blog!

mike -n- amy young said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

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