Around Town

When driving around town here, it's important to always keep your eyes open and pay attention to what's around you because you just never know what you'll see!

 Here are a few pictures of some interesting sights we've seen.
Can you see the monkey? We saw this one in a yard close by the beach and I had to get out and take a picture. We've had them in our yard a few times but I've never been able to get a picture.  I think they are absolutely adorable, though everyone tells me that they will wreak havoc if they stay around too long.

It's also not uncommon for animals to be herded across the street- even during peak traffic. On the day we took this picture, we had to stop for animals in the road three different times. First for this herd, then for a herd of goats, and finally for a runaway cow that was going down the wrong side of the street. I would love to see something like this on Western Blvd. :)

Speaking of goats- they are EVERYWHERE! Most of the time, a small child can be seen sitting nearby while the goats graze. It amazes us that the livelihood of an entire family is entrusted to a 5 year old.

In an earlier post, I talked about how horrendous the traffic is here. Basically, there are no traffic laws so it's everybody for themselves. In order to get anywhere, you have to be incredibly aggressive and willing to pull out in front of people and assume that they will stop for you.

This is a roundabout in the center of town. There is no right of way so you just have to find a way in. Needless to say, I will NOT be driving while we are here!

The creative abuse use of vehicles and bicycles for transporting goods is also a sight to see.

Can you imagine carrying this on your bike?

We are doing great and still loving this new adventure. We've learned so much in the short time we have been here. In other news,  I recently got a job in the Embassy, so my looong vacation is officially over. I'm excited to get started, but I will also miss my lazy days. :)
I hope everyone is well and having a wonderful summer.

ines said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)...and follow!
How are you liking Africa so far? I use to live in Africa (Kenya and Namibia) and I fell in love with the continent.
I love Schnauzers...they are so stinkin' cute!!!

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