Too Quiet

Jesse and I often talk about how quiet our house seems without our two little monsters babies running around.

You see, our lives have always included them. We got Oscar from the pound in Jacksonville a few months after we got married- almost 9 years ago. Gracie joined our family while we were visiting Texas for Christmas in 2005. Yes- she's a Texas girl and proud of it! :) That means we are used to incessant barking and toenails constantly clicking on the tile floor. We are used to two little munchkins taking up as much room as possible in the bed. And we are used to the unconditional love (and snuggling) that only a dog can provide.
So.... it's definitely too quiet here.
We know they are in excellent hands, but that sure doesn't make it any easier to be without them. Making the decision to leave them in the States was one of the hardest I've ever had to make, but we just didn't know how they would fare on a 24 hour-plus journey. Although we miss them more than anything, we're happy to report that they are loving their new lives in Texas.

Oscar spends his days watching birds through the doggy door,

and harassing the turtles in the backyard.

Gracie loves the treats she's getting three times a day.

And of course, they still get in as much napping as possible.

It looks like they're handling the transition even better than we are. :) Thanks Mimi and Pa for taking such awesome care of our babies.

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