Adventures in Grilling

After several months here, we've learned that many of the things we normally take for granted are no longer available. Grocery stores, at least the kind we're used to, are pretty much non-existent here. There are mostly small markets, similar to this one:
It's not such a bad thing, but it does call for a bit more creativity and resourcefulness, especially when it comes to cooking. Our latest example of this is one of our favorite treats: stuffed jalapenos. We had some for the first time last night! But, believe it or not, it took us about 4 months to make them.
First, we had to grow our own jalapenos:
Next, we had to wait until we were able to travel to a place that had cream cheese. They do ocassionally sell Philadelphia cream cheese here, but it's usually expired by a few months and costs around $12.00. Luckily, we were able to pick up two packages when we went to South Africa. Who knew cream cheese would be so valuable to us? It's the little things... :)
Bacon is fairly easy to come by here and tastes pretty good. So, we finally had everything we needed to make our favorite appetizer.
They turned out to be absolutely delicious and completely worth the wait:
Of course, I have to give credit to the chef. He, as always, did an excellent job manning the grill.
Although it took some work and planning, the end result was totally worth it. It was like having a little taste of home! Stuffed jalapenos will definitely be on the menu again soon- as long as the cream cheese lasts. :)

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