Back to Reality

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jesse and I had a chance to rejoin the civlized world this past week on a trip to... South Africa! Jesse had to go for work and I decided to tag along. We didn't get to make it down to the coast (that will be our next trip for sure) but we did enjoy being back in the modern world for a few  days.
Our first stop was...
That's right, Mickey D's!
 I'm not a big fast food fan, but even I was excited to get some McDonald's fries and chicken nuggets.
Next on our agenda was a trip to the hair salon. I usually get my hair cut and highlighted every 5-6 weeks. When we arrived in South Africa, it had been over 4 months since I had set foot in a salon. I had been trying to grow it out a bit, but I ended up getting it cut short again.
It's amazing what a little bleach can do to make your day! :)
We spent a lot of time in grocery stores and malls. I know- it doesn't sound like the most exciting thing to do on vacation. But trust me, when you haven't seen a real grocery store in a while, it's really fun to walk up and down the aisles. :) We were excited to leave with some cheddar and mozarella cheese, South African wine, and a few other goodies.
Besides shopping, we also did A LOT of eating. One of my favorite places was a little cafe right down from our hotel. They had the BEST cappucinos.
We had several wonderful dinners including steak, fajitas, and pizza.
But our favorite was a little Italian restaurant. The food was amazing and the wine was delicious.
It also helped that we had some good friends to enjoy it with.
Besides the great food, we were beyond thrilled to see that many places had something other than Amstel. Budwesier? Yes, please!
 I know it seems like we did nothing but eat, but we did spend some time seeing the sights around town (okay- I'll admit we mostly saw the sights on the way to the mall- but that still counts, right?).
As you can see, World Cup fever hasn't left South Africa.
Overall, the trip was a great escape. It was so nice to be in a place with stoplights and and traffic laws for a while. We definitely plan on heading down to South Africa again- but we have our sights set on Cape Town this time. Shark diving, anyone?

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