The Blessing Box


The Blessing Box is a weekly blog post/link-up designed to share the blessings in our lives. It's hosted at another blog, Extraordinary Love. I've been reading everyone else's posts for the last few weeks, so I decided to join in this week. I really hope to make it a weekly thing because it's so easy to forget just how blessed we are.

Blessing One:
 I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity to live in a country I had previously never heard of. Though I do get homesick at times, my eyes have been opened in so many ways in the few months that we have been here. Basically, living here- in one of the poorest countries in the world- reminds me how blessed I am every single day. My only hope is that the lessons I have learned will carry on with me long after we leave.

Blessing Two:
We have the best friends in the world. I haven't been the best about staying in touch with everyone, despite my best intentions. But the amazing thing is that each time I talk with a friend, it's as if not a day has gone by.  It's so nice to know that I can count on my friends no matter how much distance or time separates us.

Blessing Three:
This wouldn't be complete without a somewhat silly one. This week I am so, so thankful for Dunkin Donuts Coffee. We bought some coffee in Kenya thinking that it would be delicious, but we were a bit disappointed. Can you say BITTER? Luckily we were able to make a trade with one of our friends: Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen for a gigantic bag of DD coffee. (Personally, I think we got the better end of the deal). I have not wanted to get out of bed the last few mornings but the smell of DD wafting through the house has made the early mornings a bit more bearable.

What blessings are you thankful for this week?
Natalie said...

how cool that you live in another country! How long will you be there for??
I have heard DD coffee is the best ever. I've never tried it but thinking I should : )
Thanks for linking up!!

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