Friday Favorite

I know I just posted, but I've been thinking about starting Friday Favorite for a while and today... well.. today IS Friday, so hence the double posts.
Basically what I'm planning to do is feature a favorite blog each week. Since becoming a "blogger", I have realized just how expansive and amazing the blogging world is. You can find really interesting and fun blogs on just about anything. I will probably vary the types of blogs I feature each week because there are so many good ones, but I want to start with one that is pretty amazing.

Of course, it's a blog about Africa, but it's one that is totally different from mine. I created our blog to share our life here, and I often focus on the lighter side of life in Africa. However, I do want my readers to know what life is like here for so many others.

So-this week's Friday Favorite is:


The authors, Isai and Samantha, are working on a mission to build orphanages for the forgotten children in Africa, while also raising an infant of their own. Their story is pretty cool and they also share many details and pictures about life in one of the poorest countries in the world.

It's definitely not light reading, but it is uplifting and encouraging that there are such awesome people out there striving to make a difference.

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