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Hey everyone! I'm sorry I've been such a slacker with posting lately. There's been a lot going on, but I haven't really taken any pictures... I feel like my posts are boring without pictures involved- but I'll do my best not to put you to sleep!

First of all, I worked my first full week since quitting my job in February. It's nice to be back in the working world, even if it's not my normal line of work. Basically, I'm working with American citizens on passports and such. It's mostly paperwork and that type of thing, but it's fairly easy and I get to meet Americans, so I'm enjoying it. It's also fun working right across the hall from Jesse. It's pretty funny because we ride to work together, see each other throughout the day, and ride home together. Don't worry- we're not tired of each other yet. :) I do miss being involved in education, but I'm hoping there will be opportunities for that at our next post. The best news about my job is that I'm working halfway between part-time and full-time so I still have plenty of time to have fun! :)

We've had lots of hail and farewell parties lately as this is the season for comings and goings in the embassy community. We were sad to see some awesome people leave, but we're also excited about all of the new faces. We've had some fun people arrive and we're looking forward to getting to know them.

Jesse and I are gearing up for our first trip since our arrival. We are so excited to get out of town and go somewhere we've never been. The first thing I'm going to do is get my hair cut and highlighted. I usually do it about every 6 weeks- it's now been over 4 months!! To say that it looks terrible is a complete understatement.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet, but ANYTHING will be an improvement at this point. We have a lot of things we hope we get to do while we're traveling, but honestly we're just excited to be in modern civilization for a few days. I have a feeling Starbucks and McDonalds will be somewhere on the itinerary.

Jesse is continuing his kiteboarding hobby, though I'd have to say it's become less of a hobby and more of an obsession.  He and his fellow kiteboarders LOVE to talk about the wind and anything kiteboard related. I have a strong feeling that we will be trying for posts with water and wind from now on. :)

Other than that, not too much going else is going on with us.  As Jesse would say, "We're just livin' the dream...."

Have a great weekend!
mike -n- amy young said...

Hey guys!!! Glad to hear all is well, good job Tami on scoring a job! Hope u r enjoying it so far.... but right across the hall from Jesse? I am sure u 2 r getting a lot done! :) lol. I hadn't been on the blog lately just crazy busy... u need to set me up 4 email alerts (please) Mike is jealous that Jesse has picked up kite boarding, he's wanted to try it out.... maybe soon! We miss u guys!! Stay safe n stay n touch!

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