The Blessing Box


I didn't do The Blessing Box last week, and I am feeling incredibly blessed this week so I definitely need to take part. If you're interested in joining in or reading other blessings, visit Natalie at Extraordinary Love.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family. Even though we are thousands of miles away, I know that they are there for us no matter what. I miss them all so much and I can't wait to see them.

I am blessed that God has been working miracles in our life. Not only has He answered my prayers, but He has let me know that he is listening and present in my life. He is SO GOOD!

I am blessed to be part of such a fun and supportive community. Yes- we all work together, socialize together, and live near each other- but we are also friends. It's nice to know that I have so many people here I can turn to for anything. The only down side is that is so hard to see people leave.

Like I said earlier, this week I am just feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for everything in my life. I hope everyone else is having a week full of blessings as well.
katielipovsky said...

Agreed, God is SO good!

Community is such a blessing. My hubby and I live in South Africa, and understand what you mean...the flow of people can be really challenging for sure.

Natalie said...

family is such an amazing thing that we take for granted so often! it sounds like you are just surrounded with wonderful people in your life!! : )

MICHELE said...

It really is such an amazing to feel content and blessed! I love reading about people taking joy in the simple things in their lives.

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