Weekend Recap

Every Sunday, I look back and wonder where the weekend went. It seems like they go by way too fast. This weekend was no exception. On Saturday, we had a farewell party for one of our Marines who will be moving on soon. Like most other embassy parties, it was not short on festivities. We started the day with a friendly little game of whiffle ball. I have to admit- it was my first time playing whiffle ball. I'm not the most coordinated when it comes to sports, but thankfully I played okay. When whiffle ball was done, everyone took a ride down the slip-n-slide to cool off. Everyone except me, of course. Remember my earlier comment about lack of coordination? Well I've tried the slip-n-slide before, and it did not end well for me!

After cooling down, a few people took a turn on the zipline that's installed at the house where the party was held. I didn't do it this time, though I have done it before. It's fun, but definitely scary. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that. But- I did get some pictures of the awesome rubber tree and bamboo in the yard. Have you ever seen a tree like this? I love it!

After ziplining, we played football and volleyball until it was too dark to see. We have a pretty good group of athletes (excluding me) so the games get pretty intense. You know how competitive Marines are. Although I'm not the greatest, I love both volleyball and football. No tackling, of course!
Here we are during halftime (hence the grungy look!)
We ended the night with a bonfire, Jesse's homemade barbecue, and good friends. Although it went by fast, it was a great weekend!
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