What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yay for another wonderful Wednesday! I thought it'd be fun to join in on What I'm Loving Wednesday again this week. If you want to join in, or read other lists, be sure and visit

I'm loving that we got a care package from Jesse's mom today. It was full of pure deliciousness: Doritos, wasabi peas, cookies, and lots of other junk food. That, along with the huge box of tortilla chips my Mom sent a few weeks ago, should keep us fueled up for awhile. This may not seem that great, but trust me- for us it's like hitting the jackpot, baby! Thanks y'all!

I'm loving this book by Karen Kingsbury. I read the first one in the series last week and just started this one a few days ago. My Granny told me about how much she loves these books and my friend Jessica (thanks Jess!) left some for me when she went back to the States. For some reason I am just getting around to reading them. They are SO good!

I'm loving that I have very little work to do for my class this week. It's nice to have a little break! I'm trying not to get too spoiled though. I'm taking a statistics class starting in October and I'm pretty nervous. I made it all the way through undergrad and graduate school without statistics- I really don't need it now! Math is not my strong suit- can you tell? Any math tutors out there?

I'm loving that Glee Season 1 Volume 2 FINALLY came out yesterday. I had that thing preordered on Amazon for what feels like for-ev-uh!  Unfortunately, we don't have cable here so we have made a weekly girls night of watching the first season of Glee. So, while all of you will be watching Season 2 next week, we'll be celebrating gleefully when we get the second part of Season 1!
I'm loving  this dress from The Limited.  Wouldn't it be perfect for a vow renewal or beach wedding?  I need want it!
Romantic Wedding Gown

Please share! What are you loving this week?

littledaisymay said...

Thanks for playing along :)

I LOVE Glee and am so excited for it to start back next week!

jessica sisson said...

i LOVE this dress :) so stinkin cute... wonder if marshall would like it?!! hehe.... ahhhh someday! ;)

i'm so excited too you are reading karen's books! i just love them :) they always encourage me too in a very non-pushy way...but in a I WANT THAT kind of loving heart way :) I'm going to send you Redemption. Its the first book in the series I just read and you will fall in love :) Tell Jesse you will see him in two months. ;)

katielipovsky said...

Care packages are AMAZING! It's funny what things you crave living across the ocean. Dr. Pepper, chocolate chips, maple syrup and coffee always top my list. :)

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