Blog Challenge Days 18-19 What I Miss

I missed yesterday's blog challenge so I'm going to combine it with today's. Sorry in advance if it's a big long.

Day 19- What I Miss

This is probably the easiest post of all for me because right now I miss everything! We're almost to the 7 month mark of being out of the country which means I really miss:

our family
our nieces and nephews
our friends
our house in North Carolina
our neighbors in NC
our dogs
driving (I don't drive here)
3G phone service
fast internet
grocery stores
American fast food (I didn't eat it much when we were in the US but man I would love some now!)
mexican food
Barnes and Noble
being able to walk outside without being stared at
being able to walk outside after dark
my job with MCCS
movies/bowling/other forms of entertainment
malls/stores in general

Ok- from my list it sounds like this place is pretty awful. It's not- really- but it is definitely lacking in modern conveniences. Overall it's a good place with great people but that doesn't mean I don't miss some of the wonderful stuff I'm used to!

Day 18- Something I regret

I would have to say my biggest regret is not bringing these two with us when we moved.

 I was so worried about how they would do on such a long trip but several other dogs have made it over the last few months with no problems. I'm so thankful to my parents for taking such great care of them but man I miss them so, so much. I think I would be far less homesick if I had those two little monsters running around. The good news- I will get to see them in about 4 and a half months. I can't wait!!! :)

My second regret is something that was completely out of my hands so I guess it's not a really a regret, but it is something I wish would have turned out differently.

In February my friend and I were registered to do a half-marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC. We trained for about 10 weeks before the actual race day. About a week before the race we did an 8 mile run. It was the longest run I have ever done and somehow I hurt my knee pretty badly. I spent the next week limping around and doing my best to get my knee ready for the big race. I was determined I was going to do it even if I had to limp across the finish line.

Unfortunately this is what we saw when we arrived in Myrtle Beach:

Snow? At the beach? Seriously?
We found out at 1:00 am on race day that the race was canceled. Looking back, I know it was probably a good thing that I didn't run and injure my knee even further. But I really wish we had been able to do it AND I really wish I would have kept training  afterwards. I haven't run in so long that I probably couldn't run 8 miles to save my life!

The good news: I have a goal to complete a half-marathon as part of my 101 list. Of course, that will have to be after baby Lynch is here. I'm thinking it will be great motivation to get back in shape...
R said...

I remember that snow storm! It hit us in VA too.

Kit said...

I am running in the MB half marathon this coming Feb. I was shocked when it snowed and they cancelled it last year!

I gave you an award so go check my blog out sometime!

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