Blogging Challenge Day 3- First Love

This one is easy for me. Jesse is, without a doubt, my first love. We met when I was 16 and we got married right before my 20th birthday. Crazy, isn' it? I know I would freak out if I knew a 19 year old that was getting married but the thing is- we knew it was right for us. Jesse was moving across the country on Marine Corps orders and I DID NOT want to live without him. It was during my sophomore year in college but I had no doubts that everything would work out. Luckily I was able to transfer to a university in North Carolina and I finished right on schedule.

Now- almost 13 years after our first date we are still going strong and love each other more than ever. We're really proud of how far we've made it, especially when we look back at where we started. God has been so good to us and blessed us in so many ways.
Kit said...

Congrats on being together 13 years! That is great! I can not wait to follow you through the 30 day challenge!

Caitrin said...

Wow! I cannot believe you are living in Africa- I love to travel and would love to make it there someday :) I am looking forward to learning more during the 30 day challange!

Katie K. said...

Love this! It takes a very strong person to get married at such a young age and I for sure think you did a great job with it! Thanks for sharing!

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