Blogging Challenge Day 6- A Picture That Makes You Smile

I couldn't narrow this down to one picture so here are a few:

This one is of my nieces at Christmas. Unfortunately, Hannah and Kylie aren't pictured. :( But I love this picture because last Christmas was the first time we've had the whole family together in a long while. The little cousins has a blast playing together. It was so much fun.

After Christmas, my Granny made her first trip to North Carolina to stay with us for three weeks. We went to Medieval Times and had a wonderful time. It was so awesome to have her visit. Now if I could only get her to come to Africa....

This one is my sweet hubby. He makes me laugh and smile all day long.

I love this one of Jessica and me on field day. We were laughing so so hard throughout the entire thing that we lost almost every race.

There are so many more pictures that make me smile but these are just a few! If you're interested in joining the blogging challenge, visit Katie's blog here.

Rebekah said...

What great pictures! Fun memories!

Katie K. said...

Pictures always put a smile on my face! Love yours! You have some amazing people in your life!

jessica said...

i LOVE that picture too. i remember laughing with you like it was yesterday. p.s. i still have the one picture of you making that funny face at jesse (which i will never post...) BUT it makes my day often when i look at it :) miss you sweet girl!!

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