Blog Challenge Day 27- Pets

If you know me personally or you have read my blog you have probably figured out that I'm obsessed with my pets.

Oscar was our first baby. We got him on January 7, 2001- just a few months after we got married. I had been wanting a dog for a few months but we hadn't been able to find one that we liked. We went to the Animal Shelter in Jacksonville several times, but none of the dogs seemed right for us- until we spotted this guy. I couldn't believe that he was at the shelter because he was so cute. We knew right away that he was the one for us. When we were getting ready to leave the shelter workers told us that the shelter manager had taken a liking to him and had kept him around longer than he was supposed to- almost 2 weeks past the day they found him as a stray. We couldn't believe that we had found the perfect dog and possibly saved his life. We threw around names for a week or two but finally settled on Oscar. It's the perfect name for him because he loves to gripe and grouch. He's smart, but incredibly stubborn, and ocassionally gets into trouble. I love him to pieces and I'm counting down until I get to see him again.


We got Gracie for Christmas in 2005. We were home visiting our family in Texas and we searched high and low for a schnauzer puppy. When we finally found here I was instantly in love. She was so tiny and just so adorable. She immediately settled right into our family- though Oscar wasn't sure what to think at first. She even made the long car ride back to North Carolina with no problems. She is a true little princess and loves to be cuddled and held. Wherever I am, you can usually find her one step behind. She's also a sneaky little thing. She's the little one so she learned how to get away with things and get her big brother in trouble- including getting into the trash can. We always thought she was too small to reach and blamed it on Oscar until we finally caught her red-handed. We've learned not to let her cute little face fool us. She's my little baby and I miss her so much.

I found a video of them on my computer today. Of course,  I cried while I watched it. I don't think I realized just how sad we'd be without them.  I tried to upload it but after 45 minutes it still wasn't complete. :( Gotta love the slooow internet. Oh well, maybe next time!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Kit said...

Your doggies are so cute. I know you must miss them terribly!

Livin' our Love Story said...

In my post I talked about my parents baby ( my dad had a ring on his pup collar) and he was a min Schnauzer, and his name was Oscar!
ps. COngrats on the pregnancy! What a blessing! <3

Anonymous said...

Tammy I know you miss them so much. Your blog is very interesting and your doing a great job. I share some of it with Michael too. I hope your doing well. Ashley B.

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