Blog Challenge Day 28-29- I wish

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the blog challenge. The last 29 days have flown by! Today I am combining two days- Day 28 and Day 29.

Day 29- Three Wishes

I wish for our baby to be born healthy and for us to be the best parents that we can be.

I wish I could go to the States for a visit right about now. :)

I wish for the health/safety of all of my loved ones and for the safe return of all of our friends/family members that are currently deployed.

Day 28- Things That Stress Me Out
I try really hard not to let things stress me out. That being said, there are certain things that get to me!

-my pregnancy
Stress is definitely not good during pregnancy but I have to admit that I'm a worrier. I pray constantly that everything is going well with the pregnancy and that our little Lynch will be born full term and healthy.

-rude people
It especially annoys me when it is someone in a customer service position and they act annoyed to be doing their job.

 Especially the crazy drivers and lack of laws here. Thank goodness I don't drive here!

-my weight/fitness
Obviously this is not an issue at the moment because weight gain is good. :) But in regular circumstances I stress about my weight/fitness all the time. (Please tell me I'm not the only one!)

I don't stress about money but I do constantly evaluate our budget to ensure that we are saving/investing enough to meet our goals. That' where mint.com comes in handy. :)

-the future
I'd love to know where we are going next!

I think that about covers it. What do you stress about?
Katie K. said...

Love your wishes! Rude people are one of the things that stress me out the most too!

Kit said...

I think that I will be a super worrier too when I get pregnant. I have a hard time not stressing over big things like that! I stress over my weight/ fitness all the time too! I know that I should not but I can not help it.

B said...

I'm a worrier, too. I can't help it! It drives me crazy sometimes! Have a great day :)

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