Weekend Recap

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. For the last three years, we've had a big costume party at our house. I was worried about how Halloween would feel this year considering the tropical weather and the lack of Halloween decor.

Luckily, we were able to make the best of what we had and have an awesome Halloween.
Our first goal was pumpkin carving. Unfortunately, pumpkins don't exist here so we had to make do with the next best thing: a watermelon! Suprisingly, it grew in our yard and was the perfect shape for carving.

Our next item on the agenda was finding costumes. We both brought our costumes from last year, but I really wasn't feeling my Red Riding Hood costume and Jesse had other ideas...
This is what we came up with:

Ok- so mine was pretty boring. I wore Jesse's costume from last year. It was cheap (read: free) and oh so comfy. I admit it's not my prettiest look but it got the job done. :)
 Jesse wore one of our guard's old uniforms. It was hilarious to see him dressed up and of course he had the salute down pat.

We took our watermelon and headed over to a friend's house for a part-ay. It was tons of fun and awesome to see everyone's creative costumes.

On Halloween day, we woke up early and headed to a beach resort about an hour away. It's the same one I blogged about here. We enjoyed the beautiful views along the way and the gorgeous scenery once we got there.

It definitely wasn't a typical Halloween weekend- but I wouldn't have it any other way! I can't wait to hear about everyone else's Halloween!
aleasa said...

carving watermelons! so nice! i've been following you for a while (that sounds so creepy!) and i just love reading your posts. i tagged you in a post at my blog at aleasa.net, drop by when you can.

are you guys in africa because of the military? the pictures from that resort are sooo pretty!

Lyndsie said...

I have a little surprise for you over at my Giveaway blog! :)

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