Where in the world?

It's hard to believe that we are coming up on 8 months in Africa. In some ways the time has flown by, yet it sometimes feels like time is standing still. It's been quite the adventure but I know we will both be ready to move on when the time comes, which should be sometime next summer. The best part about this program is that we get to live in two different countries for a total of three years.

Although we have no idea where we'll be going, we've been asked to put together a "wishlist" of choices. If you know anything about the Marine Corps, you know that the list probably doesn't really mean anything and we won't end up anywhere we pick, but it's still fun to dream. As I was going through the list of possible choices (over 135 of them)I was completely overwhelmed. How do you choose where you want to live among a hundred different foreign cities? I decided the best thing to do would be to think about what kind of place I would like to live and then narrow it down from there. If I could choose the ideal place for our next post it would have:

a house with a decent sized yard ( a pool would be nice too) We are planning on taking Oscar and Grace with us to our next post. I really hope we don't get a post where the embassy housing is apartments. I can't imagine walking the two little monsters AND pushing a baby stroller! We would actually be thrilled if we could get a house and yard similiar to the one we're in now. I know the dogs would LOVE it!

a safe neighborhood where we could safely walk day and night (without being stared at)

coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques nearby

close proximity to the beach or some large body of water

natural beauty/landscape- We love the beautiful flowers, trees, and plants here and would love to go somewhere with just as much natural beauty

easy travel back to the US- from where we are now it would take us over 25 hours to get home!

different seasons- This sounds silly but I miss having seasons. I do love the tropical weather we have here but I think I would prefer to see some change in the weather throughout the year. That being said- I don't want to live somewhere that is freezing cold!

real grocery stores- enough said! :)

nearby travel/tourist destinations- although it might be hard with an infant, we really want to see as much as we can while we are overseas

stuff to do- movies, bowling, theatre, etc.

a fun and friendly embassy community (it will be hard to beat the one here)

Looking back at my list I guess I sound pretty picky. The truth is, we will be happy no matter where we are, but it would be nice to have a few of the "perks" I've listed. We've got a while before we find out where in the world we'll be next, but it sure is fun to dream.

On that note, if you could pick any capital city in the world to live for a year and a half, what would you pick and why? I'd love some input!

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Our Crazy Bunch said...

New follower from the Military Monday Hop.

We lived in Okinawa and I loved it but missed the seasons. We are moving to Massachusetts in January and I can't wait.


Jennifer @ The Thrifty Military Wife said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I am now following you as well. Those pictures are pretty! I look forward to reading more!


Nicole said...

I think you just described Portugal!! LOL!! :) Anywhere will be as great as you make it and knowing you, it will be AWESOME!! Can't wait to hear where you will go next!

allensgonavy said...

that is amazing that you've gotten to travel so much as a military wife!!

Krissy said...

I would pick Wellington, New Zealand. However, that doesn't really meet your desire to be a short plane ride from the States. I'm hoping for the Caribbean, but I don't share your desire for seasons. I'm loving the warm weather.

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