2010 Recap: May and June

During the month of May we finally started settling in and getting to know everyone in the embassy community. Luckily everyone made us feel right at home!

One of the first events we attended was Field Day. During Field Day we competed in different events and all of the proceeds went to charity. We had a blast (even though neither of our teams won).

May was also the month that I said goodbye to my sweet friend Jessica. She was my first friend in Africa and I wouldn't have made it through that first month without her. We had so much fun talking, laughing, and just hanging out. It was so hard to see her go...

On Memorial Day, we attended a potluck. Although the day was full of fun and food, we also took a moment to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. It was awesome to see the flags of each branch and to remember that we come from the very best country in the world.

The best part about June is that our stuff arrived, including our wonderful assortment of food that I mentioned in my last post. We were so excited to have a few things that made this place feel more like home.

We still have A LOT of food left but our pantry doesn't look anything like this anymore. Of course, we run out of all the good stuff like pickles and salsa, but we still have plenty to get us by.

June also marked the first time we left the city. We traveled to a mountain town about an hour away. We spent the day hiking, eating, and hanging out by the fire. It was so nice to see the beautiful scenery and to experience something a little different.

I would have to say that June was probably the first month that we started feeling more comfortable with our new surroundings. We started to get over the culture shock a little bit and began venturing out a little more.

Rebekah said...

Those were great months! I'm still amazed at how you had to plan for 18 months worth of food!

Krissy said...

We didn't bring any salsa. Apparently J was under the impression that I would just make some. I'm from Minnesota, what do I know about salsa? It makes me think of that commercial. "This stuff is made in New York City. NEW YORK CITY!?!?"

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