Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I'm full of completely random thoughts today so I thought it would be fun to join in with Carissa for Miscellany Monday. :)

 I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Jesse was busy with an inspection, so I spent the weekend relaxing, reading, and browsing the internet. I also watched a movie. I'll just say this: Everybody's Fine and pregnancy hormones don't mix. I cried like a baby throughout the whole movie!

We have an ultrasound tomorrow! We haven't had one since I was 9 weeks so I am super excited. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that we can get a peek at the sex. I'm still 95% sure it's a boy but I can't wait to see it on that screen. :) I think we've got our names narrowed down to the top two for a boy and we've picked one for a girl. Woohoo!

I decided this weekend that I want to be crafty. I used to do crafts every now and then, but haven't done much since we've been here. I bought this crochet kit from Amazon. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I think it's actually for kids. Oh well- you gotta start somewhere. I'll let you know how it goes....

Jesse and I bought our Christmas (and anniversary/birthday/Valentine's Day/Easter) present to each other this weekend.
This bad boy:

Canon EOS Rebel T2i
I have always wanted to learn the basics of photography and now that we have the little one on the way, we thought it was time to invest in a nice camera. It'll also be nice to have during our travels over the next few months. I've been reading photography blogs all weekend. I have so much to learn but I'm so pumped! Now I just have to be patient- it won't be here until December 29th, but at least I'll have time to learn a thing or two before I actually use it. If you have any recommendations for sites to learn, or any tips in general, please pass them my way. :)

We have a winner for my giveaway! Random.org chose #8, Joy at Our Lives for God's Glory. Congratulations Joy- I hope you can use the gift card for your precious baby girl! Email me your info to littlemoments2011@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who entered- I appreciate all of you more than you know!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!
Veronika said...

Horray for ultrasound days!
Finding out boy or girl is always so much fun! (:

Diana said...

I love your layout background! My husband is a marine too, he will deploying soon:( I love the camera, Ive been wondering if I should get another one, mine is Canon rebel xs. Right now I just really want some news lens:)

Michelle said...

I've never heard of that movie ... maybe I should check it out? I also love the new layout/blog name.

Rebekah said...

Hopefully baby will cooperate! I can't wait to hear if you're right!

That's awesome about the camera!

MICHELE said...

My vote is girl. I hope you find out, but either way it is fun just seeing them move around in there.

I think I am totally going to get that crochet kit. I want to learn how to do that to make some hats for both daughter and soon to be son. I never knew anything existed like that out there!

Kit said...

That is a sweet camera. I can not wait for you to find out what you are having!!!!

allensgonavy said...


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