Top Two Tuesday: Christmas Ornaments

It's Tuesday!
Which means Taylor at The Undomestic Momma is hosting Top Two Tuesday. The theme this week: Christmas ornaments!
I had a hard time picking my top two, so I also added in some runner-ups. :)

This ornament is from our first Christmas as a married couple in 2001! The picture inside is actually from sometime in 2000 but I remember putting it in the ornament because I couldn't find any other pictures I liked. I can't believe how young we look....

In 2008 we bought a Harley instead of buying each other Christmas presents. The plan was that I would ride along as a passenger. In January 2009 I decided to take the motorcycle safety course (I had NEVER ridden before) and I was hooked. I got my own Harley just a month or so later (you can see a pic in the slideshow in the right column). This ornament reminds me that I can do anything- even something that I thought I'd never do! Now that we have our little one on the way, I'll probably never ride a Harley again, but I'll always have the awesome memories.

 Because I'll always be a Texas girl NO matter where I live!
 This Santa doesn't really have any sentimental meaning but I just love him. He's made from polymer clay and the details on him are incredible.
So this one is not really an ornament, but he is a permanent fixture on our tree. I've had this little reindeer for as long as I can remember. I didn't remember where he came from so I, of course, googled it. His name is Rodney the Reindeer and he was a Burger King toy in 1984! I knew he'd been around a while but I had no idea he was that old. No matter what the Christmas decor, Rodney will always be included!
Helena said...

I've never seen a mantle ornament like that. And that reindeer ornament from 1984- Awesome!!

I'm visiting from Top Two Tuesday.

Emily said...

We have Rodney too, and three others, Rhonda and two that I cannot remember their names! We put them out on our window ledge every Chrismtas :) Love your Harley too! I'm so excited for your Christmas 2011, when your little one will be here!

Stephanie said...

Love your ornaments...especially since they have sentimental value!

And no, I did not know about the cupcake ornament from hallmark. Must go shopping tonight! Thanks for the info!

J and A said...

Love the family ornament! Very cute. New follower! :)

Mom said...

So thats what happened to Rodney. I wondered...just kidding. I didn't realize that he had been around that long. Yes you will always be a Texas girl at heart and just so happy that your little one will be born in Texas also.

Wiz said...

Great ornament! I love the picture in the first one :) Its amazing how much we change!

Rebekah said...

I love your ornaments! And, Rodney is awesome!

K said...

You have a Rodney!! I still have mine. My loved mine to pieces. He is a fixture under the tree in my classroom now. My litte girls love to play with him and his girlfriend Rhonda. Did you know that a two years ago Halmark came out with a book about him and rereleased his toy again?

Kit said...

Great choices...I love them all!

Leslie said...

Cute Blog! I love that you ride a motorcycle. I've always thought it was so cool, but never have the nerve to try myself :)

I'm visiting from Top 2 Tuesday.

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