What's up with the Bump...

16 Weeks 2 Days
It's so hard to figure out what to do with my hands in these pictures.... :)

Size of baby: The baby is about the size of an avocado. He/she is about 4.5 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces. In the next few weeks, he/she will double in weight and add inches to his/her length.

Movement: I've felt some small thumps over the last few days.  I am almost *positive* that it is our little munchkin moving around. :)
Gender: We still don't know...
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 4 lbs. According to my doctor, I should start gaining about a pound a week at this point.
Maternity Clothes: Love them!
Sleep:  I'm still sleeping well. I'm usually worn out by about 7:00 and in bed by 9:00. I guess I better sleep as much as I can while I still can!
What I miss: Not pregnancy related, but I really miss HOME!
Cravings: Julio's salsa- This is a fresh salsa that can only be found in Texas so obviously I won't be having any for a while. I have also been craving salad from a salad bar. I would love to go to Ruby Tuesday's or Jason's Deli right now and load up on some salad deliciousness. :)
Symptoms: The morning sickness came back with a vengeance last weekend. I've also been sick a few times this week. It's still not as bad as it was so I can definitely live with it.
Best Moment this week:  Seeing our little one at the ultrasound (read more below)
Baby Purchases: none yet

We had an ultrasound on Tuesday. I hadn't had one since I was 9 weeks and I really wanted to get a peek at the baby. I was also really hoping to find out the sex. We went to a different doctor than the one we have previously seen. He was super nice but his ultrasound machine wasn't very good. I couldn't make out much on the screen, but I guess he did because he pointed out everything to us. It honestly could have been a puppy in there and I wouldn't have been able to tell. He did all of the measurements, but the picture was just too fuzzy to get an accurate view of the sex.

We were excited that we were able to get a printout of the pictures, but were shocked to see how tiny they were.

I put the lifesaver in the picture for size reference. See what I mean when I say that the pics are tiny?

We were also a bit perplexed about the pictures he chose for printing. The one on the left is the top of the baby's head and the one on the right is a picture of the femur.

After it was all said and done, I really wanted to go back to my original doctor because I knew we would be able to see the baby much more clearly on his machine (though we knew his printer doesn't work and wouldn't get any pictures). Luckily, I was able to go for an appointment yesterday afternoon. We saw the baby moving all around and putting his/her hand up by the head. It kind of looked like he was trying to suck his thumb. We also saw his little heart beating, his spine, and his ribs. It was absolutely amazing! The doctor said everything looks great and the baby is measuring perfectly. We did NOT, however, find out the sex. The little stinker wouldn't cooperate. He was face down most of the time and the doctor just couldn't get a good view. We were a bit disappointed that we don't what it is yet, but we are so thankful that he/she is growing and developing right on schedule. Hopefully we'll get to go back in a few weeks for another peek....
Gretchen said...

Tami, I love your pregnancy updates...I get this cheesey grin on my face when I see how cute you are with your 'lil bump!! :)
Sorry baby didn't cooperate, but maybe next time...the most important thing is that he/she is developing well! And those little flutters you felt were most DEFINITELY the baby..feels just like a butterfly in your tummy at first! So exciting!!

Anonymous said...

You look sooo cute!!!

Christa said...

You look great!

Rebekah said...

I love your bump! You're too cute.

I hope he/she cooperates so you can find out soon!

Xenia said...

Yay! I love that this is my first visit to your blog and I get to see this happy post! You're just about the cutest pregnant woman ever and I can't wait to see just who your little bump turns out to be! :)

Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday, have a wonderful weekend!

Mom said...

You look so cute and have a glow. Definately the bump is growing. Hopefully the baby will be still long enough and give us a peek. We are getting so excited

Gabriella and Marco said...


Gabriella and Marco said...


michelle said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. You keep saying "He" LOL.. Maybe he will say in one spot next time. We love you
Love Michelle

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I loved being pregnant and having both my babies. Such a special time in life. I'm excited for you.
Thanks for stopping by Friendly Friday. :)

A Wedding Story said...

You look absolutely adorable! What an exciting time!

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