A Bunch of Randomness

I have been a very bad blogger this week! So this post is going to be full of random updates...

We had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration with some great people.

We laughed...

 We danced....

 We ate...

 And we toasted to 2011!!!
Mine was sparkling grape juice- yum! :)
I am loving our new camera. We are just learning the basic functions and already so impressed with the awesome pictures it takes. Here's just a few...

These picture shows two little girls carrying babies on their backs. This is the way all of the ladies carry their babies. They tie a towel around the baby and then their waist to hold the baby on their backs. It's not unusual to see little girls carrying their younger siblings.
Jesse's kiteboarding buddy showing us his moves

Jesse took this one and I love it. I'm kind of making a funny face but I love the overall photo- especially with the palm trees in the background.

It's not just a stereotype- many Africans carry stuff on their heads. This is tiny compared to what we normally see them carrying.
We leave for our vacation (babymoon) in a few days. Words cannot even describe how excited we are. We NEED to get back to modern civilization for a while. Not only that, but we're finally going to find out what this little munchkin is. Hopefully I'll be able update the blog when we find out...
We're looking forward to shopping, sight seeing, going to the beach, and of course, eating. I just found out they have a Subway where we're going. I CANNOT wait! They're also known for their excellent seafood... I see lobster tail in my future. :) My belly is growling just thinking about it.
On that note- I want to buy a few books for my Kindle before we leave. I read alot on the plane and in the airport so I need at least 2-3 books. I'm currently reading The Help (love it!!!) but I'll probably be finished before we leav,e so.... I need your input please! Give me your book suggestions. It doesn't have to be a specific genre- I'll read anything!

Sorry for the randomness of this post. I'll try to post at least one more time before we leave but if I don't, be sure and check back next week for an update on Baby L! :)

The Mrs. said...

I thought I was just going a little crazy and couldn't find where to comment. Some people have theirs hidden and I have to ask-HA!

I love the photos, so glad that you are loving your new camera!

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