Our third day in Cape Town was probably one of my favorites. We did something we had always talked about doing, but we never thought we'd actually get to do it... Can you guess what it was?

Here's a little hint....

That's right- we went Great White Shark cage diving. Ok- I guess I shouldn't say we. I went along for the ride but I didn't actually get in the cage. I was too afraid I would look like a seal in the wetsuit and the water was just too cold for me. I didn't want poor Emerson to get hypothermia!

The day started off with a briefing about safety precautions. The crew was pretty laid back but they did have one major rule: DO NOT stick your hands outside the cage. Before we went out on the boat Jesse kept joking that he was going to try to touch one. Don't worry- he quickly changed his tune when he actually saw one in person!

After our safety brief, everyone suited up in their wetsuits (except me, of course) and we headed to the boat. It was cloudy and drizzling so it was a chilly ride out to the area they call Shark Alley. The swells were pretty big so the ride was pretty bumpy but I felt great the whole way.

After spotting some seals along the way, we stopped and the waiting began.
For the first hour, we kept a close eye on the water- just waiting for our first shark sighting.

After the second hour, we started to feel a bit discouraged and more than a little seasick. I was feeling pretty good until a few others on the boat started to get sick.  Luckily, I never actually got sick but I was feeling  queasy for a while. Thankfully, just as we were about to give up, a "little" visitor arrived!
They lowered the cage into the water...
And everyone climbed in....

They threw the seal decoy out and we waited for our friend to come back and play.

Luckily it didn't take long...

I have to say it was a pretty amazing experience to be that close to a 12 foot Great White shark (even from the boat). Jesse loved every second of his time in the cage- though he was absolutely freezing!

I definitely recommend doing this if you ever have a chance. It's a once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget!

Mom said...

You two are crazy.....glad you had fun. The pictures are awesome. Love Mom

Kit said...

WOW! What a cool experience!

Lindsay said...

Oh My Word!!!! That is just insane!!! But so incredibly awesome too :)
what an experience! I cannot believe those photos of the shark are real, you were THAT close! WOW!!!

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