The Lovely Cape

Our fourth day in Cape Town was spent on a day long tour with Cape Convoy tours. We were picked up from our hotel first thing in the morning and spent the whole day seeing all of the best sights in the Cape. Be prepared: this post will be very picture heavy! :)

We started off with a short ferry ride in Hout Bay to Seal Island. We spent about twenty minutes watching the seals splash and play in the water. They were absoulutely adorable and the scenery surrounding the island was gorgeous.

After checking out the seal cuteness, we began our tour of the magnificent coastline. It's so hard for me to choose which pictures to post because there were so many beautiful things to see!

 We made a stop at Boulders Beach to see the African penguins. It was really incredible to be able to get so close to them.

This litte guy was molting. Doesn't he look pitiful?
We finished up the tour with Cape Point and The Cape of Good Hope.

Cape Point

Cape of Good Hope- The Most South-Western Point on the African Continent
As you can see, we had a full day. Of course, it wouldn't have been complete without spotting these guys on the way home.

I've heard they can get pretty aggressive so I didn't get too close. Luckily, Jesse was able to get right next to them and snap some great pictures. They may be mean but they sure were cute!
Mom said...

Awesome pictures, it is beautiful. All of the animals were awesome and to see them in their setting not a zoo, wow. So glad you got to go. Hurry home to Texas, we have some really cute animals too. Love Mom

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