I realize that I never actually said where we were going for our vacation before we left. For security reasons, I usually try not to say specifically where we are going until we get back. It may be a little overly cautious, but I always think it's better to be safe than sorry.
We spent the first 3 days in Pretoria, South Africa for my doctor's appointment. Then, with giddiness and much anticipation, we headed to gorgeous

Cape Town, South Africa.

I cannot say enough how stunning this place is. If you ever get the opportunity to visit I definitely recommend it.

We arrived in Cape Town in the afternoon so our first day was spent exploring our hotel and settling in. We picked a hotel, Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, from the internet and we weren't really sure what to expect. We were very pleasantly surprised- it was beautiful and we loved every minute of our stay there. (I'm sure the super close proximity to a huge mall had something to do with my contentment with the place).

The hotel was situated on a riverwalk called the Canal Walk and was surrounded by restaurants, condos, and the previously mentioned mall.

Here are a few pics of the outside:
The front of the hotel (this pic is from the website- I didn't take any pics of the front)

The bridge from our hotel to the mall

The canal

And here are a few pics of the inside:
the lobby

the restaurant

our room (this is another picture from the website. I didn't get any good pictures of the room- especially the crazy lighting- so I have to share this one.
the shower in our room

Our favorite feature- the tv! It would retract into the footboard at the touch of a button! :)

The view of Table Mountain from our room
I'm bummed that I didn't get more pictures of the hotel-we loved it there! Jesse and I both keep talking about the amazing bed. I wanted to steal the bedding and pillows- I haven't slept that well in months! :)
Anyway- I promise the rest of my posts will be a little more exciting and include more than just hotel pictures. However, I have to warn you once again to be prepared for looong posts with tons of pictures. I definitely want to preserve as many memories as I can from our trip. :)

Lindsay said...

what an interesting shower lol :)

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