Project 365 Week 1

None of my pictures this week are spectacular, but I'm definitely starting to get the hang of the camera. I didn't have a lot if interesting subject to photograph  so it's mostly pictures from our back yard. I'm hoping as the weeks go on I'll be able to get more photos outside of our fence. :) I think most of these were taken in auto, but a few might be in other settings. Eventually I want to start adding in all of the settings (aperture, ISO speed, etc) but I'm not going to this week because I am being lazy.

For those of you interested in learning more about your camera, I came across a really neat series of weekly lessons that help you focus on different aspects of photography. I read the first lesson on aperture and they do an excellent job of explaining things in terms that are easy to understand.
I plan on starting with the lessons as soon we get back from vacation. Until then, it looks like our vacation shots will be shot in auto mode. :)
Rebekah said...

Love your pictures. Have fun learning about your camera!

Kate Harrell said...

It has been so long since I have talked to you sweet friend. I miss you soooo much!! I long to know how you guys are doing and how the little one in your belly is doing. I hope to hear from you soon, it would make my month :)) In the meantime it seems that you have found something new that you are amazing at; photography! Gorgeous pics!! Love you and miss you terribly!!

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