What I'm Loving

It's been a while since I joined WILW with Jamie so I'm taking a break from our Cape Town recap to share everything I'm loving this week.

I'm loving that I finished The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. A few people recommended the books to me and I'm so glad I read them. They were so good and super easy reads!

On a similar note, I'm loving that you can loan books on the Kindle. I never knew until a sweet friend loaned a book to me for vacation. Any Kindle owners out there interested in doing some swaps? I need a new book to read and I have several I'd love to share... :)

I'm loving how my latest (okay- my only) craft project turned out. Remember my post a while back about the adorable pins from No Plain T's? Well I loved mine so much that I wanted to get one in every color. But then I decided I could possibly make something similar myself. Mine is definitely not as good as the real thing, but I think it turned out pretty cute. I can't wait to make more.

It looks huge here because of the angle of the picture, but it's really not. :)
I'm loving that I finally joined Twitter! There are several blog friends that I wanted to follow so I thought it would be fun to join in too. You can follow me at littlemoments11. I can't promise I'll have anything interesting to say, though. :) Do any of you Tweet? I'd love to follow!

I'm loving all of the adorable baby girl stuff I've been finding online. Seriously, check out this cuteness.

via Amazon

via Restoration Hardware
I'm loving the awesome birthday present I received this week. The colors are gorgeous! Who doesn't love Coach? Thanks Carrie!

What are you loving this week?
Anonymous said...

OMG those flowers on that tee are absoulty amazing! I'm lovin it!

Plus those outfits are adorable!

Jami said...

Thanks for following me! I just got a kindle for Christmas and found out that you can share books. I dont know how to do that yet..but I'm excited that you can!!

I can share with you...but I only have 3 books so far haha

Greer's Gossip said...

Thanks for following!! Your blog is also too cute, I am following you back! :) I did not know that you could share books on the kindle. I would love to share!! I just need to know how!! haha..Email me and tell me what you like to read!

Mom said...

You are getting so crafty. It is so cute. Can't wait till you come home. I will get you busy with some projects. I can teach you to knit and crochet....ha. Loving all of the baby clothes. Hope she likes frills.... Love Mom

Paula Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so cute! And I love all of the baby girl things! I just found out I'm gonna have a new neice in june, so I can't wait to buy some girly stuff : )

Rebekah said...

I about died over those shoes. Those are beyond cute! I loved The Hunger Games. I read them last summer and I cried at the end of the last one. Ha!

capperson said...

Loving that shirt and the baby stuff!! I want a kindle so bad..hmm decisions..elliptical for my bday or a kindle..hmm!!

Ashley said...

cute shirt pin!!!
I LOVE Coach -- I asked for a new purse and wallet for my birthday ...in April -- boo waiting haha! =)

The Mrs. said...

I love your little pin, it's ADORABLE! I also LOVE your coach, seriously...who doesn't love coach?!

Rachel and John said...

eeek baby girl things are So cute!!

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