So, I came across this little blog tip yesterday from mrs.ashcake. Some of you may already know about it, so if you do, just ignore this. But, if you don’t, you seriously need to check this out.

I LOVE how Google Reader puts all your favorite blogs in one place, but I HATE how you have to open a new window with the actual blog in order to be able to comment.

That’s where the Next button comes in. It allows you to click through all of your favorite blogs quickly, while still allowing you to comment and see the real formatting.

I installed it yesterday and I have to say it is the.best.thing.ever. I know I’ll do so much better about commenting on blogs now because it makes it so much easier.

If you don’t already have the Next button, here’s how you get it.

Open Google Reader (you have to be signed in)

- Click on the little wheel in the right hand corner (Settings)

- Click Reader Settings

- Click on Goodies (the 4th tab at the top)

- Scroll down to "Put Reader in a Bookmark"

- Then just drag the Next button up into your favorites bar. It will now allow you to click through all of your blogs. It will start with the newest post and work back to the oldest.

-You can even go a step further and organize your blogs into folders and add a button for each type. For instance, I put my favorite blogs into one folder and made a Next button for them. Then I put all of the other blogs that I don’t necessarily read every day (recipe blogs, money blogs, etc) into another folder and made a separate next button for them.

It’s so easy and definitely worth the time it takes! Let me know how you like it if you decide to do it! Smile


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