Post-Baby Workout Plan

Although I still have a ways to go before little Miss E is here, I’m already thinking about how I’m going to shed this baby weight. I’ve read all these stories about girls who lose all the weight in 6 weeks without doing a thing. I really don’t think I’ll be one of those girls. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to work my butt off to get back to my normal size. That being said, I’ve already started making a plan. My goal is to be back to my regular size  within 6 months after she’s born.  I know it’s going to be tough but I feel like if I don’t tackle the weight right away, I won’t ever lose it.

The first thing I’m going to do is join Weight Watchers. I’ve done it before and I KNOW it works if you stick to it. I think they’ve recently changed the program and it’s quite different than when I did it but I’m looking forward to trying it out. Since we don’t know where we’ll be, I’ll probably just join online. I doubt I’ll be able to find meetings to go to.


Of course, diet alone won’t be enough for me to get back in shape so I’m going to have to stick to a serious workout plan. I’ve been planning on doing Chalean Extreme. It’s a 90 day workout program by Chalene Johnson that focuses mostly on strength training. I’ve done it before and I LOVED it. The workouts are awesome and I got pretty good results by the time I finished.


But lately I’ve seen a few infomercials for workouts that look REALLY good.

Since I already know Chalene's style and I love her workouts, Turbo Fire really caught my eye. I think it’s more of an intense cardio workout program. It looks awesome so I may have to try it.

Then two days ago I saw another infomercial for Insanity. I know someone who’s done it before and she said it is truly insane! I really love strength training more than I love cardio so I know these workouts would be a true challenge for me. Plus it’s only 60 days compared to 90 like the other programs.

I’m not sure I can handle it, so it be something I have to work my way up to.

Of course, if all else fails I can go back to my two standbys. These two workouts are what I’ve used for several years and I know I can always go back to the them for results.

1. The Firm (If you haven’t tried any Firm workouts, I highly recommend them- especially if you like Step. They are fun and they work!)



2. Running- There is no doubt that running gets results. I also think it’s one of the hardest workouts there is. No matter how well you run, you can always push yourself harder.


Obviously I still have a while before I have to worry about this, but it always helps to be prepared! Smile I think it also helps to have accountability, so I will definitely keep you updated on what I decide to do and I’ll blog about my progress. Until then, it looks like walking is going to be have to be main form of exercise.

Any Moms out there want to share your post-baby weight loss secrets? Does anyone have any experience with any of these workout programs? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


P.S.- I am not advertising any of the above workout programs and I have no affiliation with Beach Body, The Firm,  Weight Watchers, or any other workout company. These are just my opinions/random thoughts. Smile

Lauren said...

Good for you for having a plan. I've been thinking about this too. I will definitely be doing something similar to Weight Watchers. I cannot wait to get back out there and do some running. My husband thinks I should try insanity.

Good Luck!

allensgonavy said...

I'm doing Turbofire right now for a post-baby workout and I love it! My trainer told me Insanity was more for people training for triatholons and marathons. I don't know what your plans are but breastfeeding totally brought my weight back to my pre-pregnancy days. Now I'm using Turbofire to tone up my muscles.

Rebekah said...

Good for you for wanting to do this! Since I've only done WW with the new plan, it seems pretty easy to me. Girl, I'm starting Insanity today! My sister quit because it's so hard, but Dylan and I are determined!

Kerbi said...

I want to try Insanity but I can't find a class near us. My FIL did it and lost 20 pounds. I'm also a little scared to try it!

Ashley said...

I did P90X for about a month -- i felt great and saw fabulous results...then I got sick and fell off the wagon haha =) oops!
I did Weight Watchers with a boyfriend in college and it is definitely something that you can ACTUALLY stick to =)

Anonymous said...

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Amy Young said...

You ARE thinking ahead! Everyone at my work is on Weight Watchers and everyone has lost tons of weight!!

I am a big fan of bodyrock.tv... Zuzannas workouts are high intensity interval strength training in minimal time. I have been doing her w/o's for 3 months and have never felt more fit! Try it out!

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