Our last few days in Germany were spent enjoying the beautiful scenery. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything so gorgeous!

We spent one day at Zugspitze- the highest point in Germany. The day started with a 45 minute train ride to the main area of the mountain.




After looking around, we decided to ride the gondola up to the very top-2,950 meters high. We spent some time looking around, grabbed a bite to eat, and then Jesse spent the rest of the day snowboarding. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of his snowboarding adventures.



On our last day in Garmisch, we decided to check out Partnach Gorge. I had heard that it was pretty awesome but I really wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful. All of the waterfalls were frozen solid. I’ve never seen anything like it!







After we finished walking through the gorge, we came up to a walking path. We didn’t really feel like turning around and walking back into the gorge. Little did we know that the path led to a 45 minute hike that went UP and OVER the gorge. Here I am when I realize just how high we are going to be climbing.  See the little bridge at the very top?


See my face when I realize just how far and high we had to go?


It turns out it actually wasn’t too bad. It was all steps and gravel paths and it wasn’t too steep. I had to stop a few times but I made it! Smile The good news was that we were able to take a gondola to get back down to the starting point.


I would have to say that my favorite part of Germany was the natural landscape. It’s just amazing! There were just so many cool sights  (and I took pictures of EVERYTHING, as you can see)!  I’ll be back with one more Germany post and then I promise I’ll be done! Smile Happy Friday, friends!


Kit said...

I love these pictures....so beautiful!!!

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

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