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My awesome photographer put a preview of my maternity photos on her blog. I LOVE the way they turned out. Of course, I look like a dork in some of them (she’s not a magician, y’all) but overall I’m very pleased and I can’t wait to see the rest. Check them out:                          

Catching Up-
I got to catch up with a dear friend yesterday. We’ve only talked a handful of times over the last year, but as soon as we got on the phone it felt like not a day had passed. It was so awesome to hear about all the great things going on in her life. There’s nothing like a good chat to remind you of all the blessings in life. Love ya girl!

Turtle Power-
My parents have several turtles in their backyard. Now that it’s starting to warm up, they come up to the patio for food. They love dog food but their favorite treat is strawberries. Isn’t this too cute?
32 weeks 004

There are so many awesome giveaways going on in the blog world right now. I’m especially excited about all of the fun baby giveaways on Piece of Me. These are my favorites:
Pediped Shoes- end 4/12
The BebePod Flex- ends 4/13
And my very favorite:
The Nap Nanny- ends 4/18

Camera d├ęcor-
I’ve been wanting to buy a cover for my camera strap for awhile now, but after seeing the awesome one that Kit made I’ve decided to attempt to make one of my own. I found this tutorial and now I just need to pick a cute fabric.
Image from tutorial at Skip to My Lou
Here are a few fabrics that I like (found here)
XLxJN-FrUWC-yLsIO-naritacadet        MiwCH-wEVxF-vBVXi-simbanoir_thumb       sNUjb-gIWcI-ENsum-izuzuazulcUvJF-gNYrW-LQOqj-01-15-2009%2010;36;16AM_thumb        fqLNM-ypSIL-hdwOm-danubehershey_thumb       bSmRI-uoBos-fiKJl-baylasand_thumb
I’ll probably end up picking something from Hobby Lobby but at least these give me some inspiration. I’ll definitely share the finished product (if it turns out ok.)
What are you up to this week?
Allison said...

You look beautiful in all of your pictures! That book is one of my all time favorites!

Lauren said...

Love your pictures! They look awesome!

Rebekah said...

Tami!! You are so beautiful! I love the first few pictures with Emerson's name. I just love them all! Those are some great items for giveaways. When we have kids, I'm going to pick your brain for baby must-haves!

Lori said...

Your pictures look gorgeous :) and that turtle is just so cute!

New follower, please stop on by..

Kit said...

You are just to gorgeous!!!! Cant wait to see your strap you make!

Elizabeth said...

Love your blog, and your maternity pics are gorgeous! :)

Ps. I'm your 100th follower! Woop woop! :)


Gabriella said...

Your maternity photos are AMAZING! You look adorable! :)

Pamela said...

Love your maternity pictures! I read that you were from NC! That's where I live :)

Jennifer Bowen said...

Stopping by from MilSpouse Roundup. Lovely maternity photos. And I like the idea of making your own camera strap cover. Nice choices for fabric!

Megilon said...

Your pictures are great!! I love the idea of making your own camera cover.

Keeping your husband in my prayers! (And you too)

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