Miscellany Monday


1. My photobook from Picaboo came in and I LOVE it. I think I’m going to start doing them for all of our trips and maybe even one for each year. It’s so easy and they turn out so cute.  I’m planning on starting one for our Cape Town trip this week.



2. I’ve been slacking on the bow making. I bought a bunch more ribbon so I need to start using it. Emerson has the most adorable 4th of July outfit so I want to make her a bow to match. I found some really cute red, white, and blue ribbon so I don’t have any excuses at all. I’m going for something like this but I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Phee Phee Bowtique

3. I cannot wait until Wednesday. I have an ultrasound in the morning (regular and 3d) and my maternity photos in the afternoon. I just can’t wait to see our sweet little girl’s face. I hope she’s cooperative! As far as the pictures go, I’m just hoping for a nice day. The wind has been blowing like crazy lately. I’m not really into the windblown look so I hope it calms down by then.

4. I’ve come across two dog stories this week that have made me cry like a baby.

First, there’s Patrick, the sweet pit bull who was starved, wrapped in a garbage bag and thrown down a garbage chute. Doesn’t he have the most adorable face you’ve ever seen? Although he’s making progress, he was so severely emaciated that they are not sure if he will have long term health problems. Honestly, just looking at the pictures of what he looked like when they found him will BREAK YOUR HEART! It’s amazing to me that people can be so cruel and heartless.


Then there’s TAD, an abandoned dog that an awesome vet tech found on the side of the road and saved. Although he’s about 30 lbs. underweight and struggling with some serious skin issues, he’s getting better each day. You can just look at this sweet eyes and tell he’s had it rough. Luckily, the vet tech has already adopted him and will take him home once he’s better.


They’re both heartbreaking stories but so far they have happy endings. If you’re interested in reading their stories and seeing more pictures, check out their FB pages linked above. Even if you can’t donate, they have others ways that you can help these sweet babies. If you’re a pet owner, be sure and give your babies some extra love today!

5. I’m getting SO close to having 100 followers. Smile I want to do some kind of fun giveaway when I reach 100, so if you’re a regular reader I’d love it if you’d become a follower.


Allison said...

Those stories are all so sad! There were recently some sad, sad stories here too. It breaks my heart and I just don't understand! :(

Yay for almost having 100 followers :)

Rebekah said...

I can't wait to see the bows you're making and maternity photos! Those stories are so sad, but at least they have a happy ending for now! I can't read/watch those type of stories because it just breaks my heart. I want to help all of those dogs!

Rebecca said...

Love the bow! I'm sure yours will turn out great. Bow making is a new hobby of mine :)

These dog stories rip my heart out. My pomeranian Youri is one that I got from a shelter and rescued. When I first saw him he was underweight, had lost a lot of hair, and had been abused pretty severely. I had to wait a long time to adopt him, but it was worth the wait! He is such a blessing to me!

Ashley said...

how sad!! That pit should be a gorgeous dog -- I can't believe people are so cruel. it makes me so angry!

I can't wait to see the bows -- the one you posted is adorable!

Yay for almost hitting 100

Amanda said...

that photo book looks so awesome! what a neat idea!

Gabriella said...

I love those photo books! What a great idea.

Those puppies break my heart. I can't handle stuff like that. It breaks my heart.

Amy Young said...

Love the photo book!! I am excited to hear about the ultrasound and to see the maternity pics!! :)

Did you get my email? It was so good to hear from you!!


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