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Today I’m linking up with Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots for Thursday Five.

The words for this week are:







Have I mentioned how excellent Skype is? When I first got to Texas I used my parents’ home phone to call Jesse. We had looked up the rates and it showed it would only be about 10 cents a minute. I called him 4 times for a total talk time of 20 minutes. We were shocked when they received their bill and it was $200.00! Talk about freaking out. Luckily AT&T reduced the charges to $40.00. Needless to say I had to figure out a better way to communicate with him. I bought Skype credit and now I’m able to call him for about 12 cents a minute. MUCH better! Smile

I love this simple tutorial for making fabric rosettes. Have you noticed that rosettes are on everything these days? It’s because they are gorgeous yet understated at the same time. Have you also noticed that they can be pretty expensive to buy? After reading this tutorial I’m pretty confident that I could make them too. I’ll let you know if/when I finally try!

fabric_rosette_jewelry_tutorialvia Little Birdie Secrets


I went to Best Buy a few days ago to look at phone covers. While I was there I just had to check out the iPad 2. That thing is amazing. It’s so much faster than the iPhone and it would be perfect for traveling. I would be SO joyful if I got one as a present. (Hint, hint babe!) Smile



I’m not feeling so glamorous these days. I seriously need a haircut and some highlights (can we say ROOTS?) I also need some new makeup. I love MAC powder and eye shadow but I’ve never tried their foundation.  I also need some concealer and bronzer. I want a natural, summery look like the ones below. Does anyone have any recommendations? What do you use and love? I’m even open to drugstore brands so please share!




Yesterday I paid for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive-thru line. It wasn’t much but it was definitely refreshing to do something nice for someone else. I just hope she continued it and paid for the person behind her!



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Anna said...

Oh my.. I want an iPad2. My brother got one just today FOR FREE at his work.. txted me to rub it in.. lol.. They are pretty amazing!

I use mineral foundation. I have tried both Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals. I love them both (and i have heard the mineral foundations from Maybelline are good too). I only use Mary Kay conceler, but I am sure there are some other good ones out there. I do not use bronzer. *shrug* I have never been able to figure out how not to make my face look brown. I always use just a little light pink blush on just my checks.. that way i can play up my eyes... and keep a neutral lip.

:) Happy Thursday!

Nicole said...

Avon has some awesome foundations and concealers. Message me if you want me to make some recommendations!

I want an iPad SO bad!

Rebekah said...

Skype is awesome! I use mineral make up. Bare Minerals is the only thing I use, but I recently tried out the mineral line from L'oreal and I really like it!

****Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife**** said...

Found you on Circle of Moms and like your posts!

Jen said...

You are such a kind person! :) Hope you're feeling well <3

whitni said...

I can only use liquid foundation or powder form. I am allergic to all mineral foundation

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