Friday Letters

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a really cute idea so I'm going to try it out. :) It may or may not become a weekly thing.  Feel free to join in!

friday letters

Dear Husband,

We are going to be parents in less than 3 weeks. Don't tell anyone but I am secretly quite terrified. It's all good though- we'll learn as we go, right?

Love, Your Wife

P.S. I Love You


Dear Gracie,

I know I left you for over a year while I went to Africa but I only did it because I love you. It breaks my heart when you ignore me. Please at least pretend like you love me as much as you used to.

Love, Your Momma


Dear Carters, Mud Pie, and Gymboree,

Why do you have to make so many cute baby clothes? While I love the variety it's doing some serious damage to my wallet. I might need some sort of baby clothes intervention very soon.

Love, Your VERY loyal shopper


Dear Blogger,

I am super annoyed that you were down for a day and erased my last post, along with all of the comments. BUT I am super happy that you are back. In your absence I realized I'm sort of addicted to you. I guess there could be worse things, right?

Love, Tami


Dear Emerson,

I might be terrified but don't worry. I can absolutely promise you that we will take excellent care of you! After all, you are the tiniest thing that I have ever decided to put my whole life into. I'm sure I won't be a perfect mommy but I will always do my very best. Your daddy and I already love you more than anything in the world and we can't wait to meet you.

Love, Mommy

P.S. I REALLY hope you like pink. It makes up about 90% of your closet right now. It would also be great if you would love hair bows, ruffles and all things girly, too.



dave and jenn said...

I enjoyed your guest post on Jen's blog this morning! Congrats on the baby girl - I love her name! :)

I am also somewhat terrified of having our little one (although we still have several months to go). Best of luck to you! :)

Amy Young said...

Love this... very cute. And I hope Emerson likes PINK too!! And bows... Kelly cant keep them on Grace. :)

Michaela said...

How sweet! I found your blog through Megan at Mackey Madness (: Your sweet baby girl will be precious. You're going to be a great mom! And I love her name. What girl wouldn't love pink?! hehe

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