I Can’t Wait…

Overall, I’d say I’m a pretty patient person. I’m usually content with life just as it is and I really try to enjoy every moment. Right now I am LOVING staying with my parents. My Mom and I have been able to spend so much time together and do things that we haven’t been able to do in years. It’s been so awesome to shop for baby stuff with her and to be able to talk every day- IN PERSON!  I was even blessed enough to spend Mother’s Day with her for the first time in ten years. I am trying to cherish each of these special moments because I know it will be over in the blink of an eye.

That being said, I have SO many amazing things to look forward to and I have to admit I’m getting kind of impatient. Here’s my list of things I just can’t wait for:

I can’t wait for my baby shower. It will be so much fun to celebrate Emerson! I will definitely miss all of our friends and family who live out of town- I wish they could be there!


I can’t wait to see my awesome hubby. It’s been two months so far and will almost be 3 by the time he gets here. I.miss.him.

Ijenda 101

I can’t wait to meet my beautiful baby girl.

I can’t wait to be a mommy.


I can’t wait to show her off to all of our family and friends.

I can’t wait to see family that we haven’t seen in so long.

I can’t wait to see my best friend Mandy (and her baby Ann Elise) who I haven’t seen in almost 6 years!


I can’t wait to get to work on losing this baby weight.


I can’t wait to start running and working out again.


I can’t wait to have a glass of wine or a beer. Smile


I can’t wait to wear cute clothes again!


I can’t wait until Jesse leaves Africa for good!


I can’t wait to move to our next post and start our new lives as a family of three!


I can’t wait for everyone to come visit us at our next post. Now that we’re going somewhere good we’ve had quite a few people promise to come see us. We’re holding every one of them to that promise. I’m sure they’ll all be coming to see Emerson more than to see us but hey- that’s ok.

Is there anything that you just can’t wait for?


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Lindsay said...

lots of exciting things coming your way :)
idk if i am just a blonde of what, but i have no clue where your next post is based on your photo LOL but being that it is by the ocean it has to be great!!!

the workaholic momma said...

what a beautiful post - you have so many things to look forward too!!! Hope you're having a great week!

Ashley said...

I am a new follower!! Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

Feel free to pop by ine and say hello ;)

Paula said...

Love this post! So many wonderful things to look forward too. I'm always waiting on the next big event to happen, so it's always good to live in the now and just enjoy it all. Hope you enjoy every minute! :)

Darlene said...

I am with Lindsay I can't figure out where you are going next and I tried to look back on your blog thinking I missed the post where you announced it but I can't find anything. I am very curious!

Lucy The Valiant said...

What a lot of wonderful things to look forward to! I would be impatient, too!

Natalie and Lee said...

Just came across your blog! You have some exciting, wonderful things in your near future! What a great post and fabulous idea! :)

Loving your blog!

Amy Young said...

You have alot to look forward to!!! :) No shame in being impatient... lots of happieness coming your way!

cait said...

you have lots to look forward to! and all with a sweet baby! :)

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