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You may remember this post from February when I shared some nursery inspirations. I had decided at that time I was going to do Emerson’s nursery in pink and brown.  Since I haven’t been able to actually start it yet and I won’t be able to until we get to our next post, I’ve had plenty of time to continue to think about it. After browsing through lots of fun nursery photos I’ve decided to go with something a little different. I still love pink and brown but after seeing these nurseries, I’m in love with pink and gray.

IMG_0971Design Dazzle


nu3Spearmint Baby






And my favorite:

spr10_14_MartineHeirloom_nurseryRestoration Hardware Martine Nursery

Aren’t they gorgeous? These rooms led me to this: my new plan for Emerson’s nursery. The walls will be a light to medium gray and most of the accessories will be pink or antique white. Some of the inspiration items I found are a bit expensive so I plan on trying to find similar items at cheaper prices and doing some of the projects myself.

nursery idea board1

Furniture, Glider, Rug, Chandelier, Curtains, Baskets, Picture Frames, Mirror, E pillow, Lamb Pillow, Shadowbox, Damask bedding, Wall Color, Monogram Wall Vinyl, Lamp

So- what do you think? I’d love opinions! And while we’re on the subject- how do you feel about crib bumpers? I’ve read so many different things about them and I’m trying to decide if they’re even worth buying considering the recommendations by the AAP to keep them out of cribs. So tell me Moms- are you using bumpers? I can’t wait to hear your feedback. Smile


Brittney Galloway said...

We're using bumpers- but we swaddle Grace so she can't move around. When we stop swaddling her, or she is strong enough to move around, we'll consider if they are safe for her or not.

MICHELE said...

Love the room color choices. We did black, pink and white for our daughter, so this is right up my ally. :)

I have always used bumpers and never felt worried about them at all. It is obviously a personal choice and what allows you to get sleep at night and not be up all night worrying about whether your child is rolled into the bumper and suffocating. A lot of babies as they get older like to snuggle up to them. And the older they get and can roll over they won't suffocate themselves by lying there. They will roll away. Anyway good luck in your choice. It will be right no matter what you choose.

Living Our Love Song said...

Ahh I love this! just a great color combo!

Lauren said...

I love that color combination! Soft and subtle, very pretty.

I'm still on the fence about the bummpers. They came with our set, they're sitting in the crib, not tied on. I think I just want to wait and see how he is when he starts sleeping in his crib. I'm guessing we'll probably not use them but who know.

Erin said...

love love love it. It is something she can also grow into and will always be fun and chic and hip! So pretty can't wait to see it all together.

We have always used bumpers and blankets and pillows. call us crazy. Our girls where both swaddled for like 5 months and then we still used blankets. I do not worry about that kind of stuff. Which I know people think I am crazy.

when are you due? Have you started the nursery yet?

Rebekah said...

Oh my word, those are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I only know what parent's that I've babysat for have done. They use the bumpers while the babies are still pretty small and while they're swaddled. When they start to get a bit more mobile, most have taken them out. You'll make the right choice for you!

Jenni said...

I absolutely love this color combination- so sophisticated! I'm not a mom yet so I can't help you out on the crib bumpers, sorry!

Jen said...

I LOVE the gray and pink. That list picture you have (from RH) is the same picture I have saved on my computer that I was going to do if we were having a girl! It's what gave me the idea of sticking with gray but doing blue instead of pink

Jen said...

Oh also and we are using a bumper and then have a breathable one to put on for when he really starts moving around in there.

Kit said...

I just love the pink and grey!!!!! Emerson's nursery is going to be so cute! I can not wait to see pictures!

the workaholic momma said...

We chose gray amd pink for Addie's nursery and I just love it - it is so calming!!! My inspiration was also the pink and gray from restoration - I just fell in love with all of it when I saw it! We don't use a bumper and Addie's done great!! For curtains and rugs, we found that Pottery Barn Kids has much better prices than Restoration. Have fun with it - I can't wait to see it when its done:)

Rachel and John said...

Our nursery is grey and I love it! It's so calming!!

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Love this color combo! :) Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Hey tami, bumpers are not worth it. I dont know how many times i found the twins digging around in the corner trying to get out of the bumper. they really arent safe. Didnt use them with Carleigh and i can tell you i slept so much better at night!


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