Bullet List Tuesday

  • I know I’m still slacking on my blogging and commenting on other blogs. I have a short window of opportunity during each nap to get stuff done so internet time usually comes last. Winking smile


  • My sweet baby girl slept from 9:30 pm until 5:30 am last night! It was her first time to sleep through the night and it was heavenly!

emerson week 6 057

  • My Granny, Emerson’s Gigi, is here for a visit. Trust me when I say that Emerson is getting lots of attention! Smile Lots of pictures to come soon!


  • Have you read about Sawyer at Sawyer See’s Hope? Sawyer is a sweet baby boy who is legally blind due to an underdeveloped optic nerve. There is a treatment available but it is VERY expensive. Sawyer’s parents are trying to raise money to get their adorable baby boy treatment that will help him see. Go here to read his story.


  • I’m super excited about the weekend. We’re heading to the lake to celebrate the 4th. Emerson will get to meet her cousins, Hannah and Melanie, for the first time and I’ll get to hang with my awesome sister-in-law. Unfortunately, my brother and Jesse won’t be there but they will both be home shortly after! Woohoo! Smile


Lauren said...

Yeah for sleeping 8hrs last night! I couldn't believe we got 6 last night I was so excited! Hope you have a great weekend at the lake. How nice that Emerson can meet her cousins. Have a great time!

Kit said...

I cant wait to celebrate the 4th either!!! Good job Emerson for sleeping so long!!!

the workaholic momma said...

YAY Emerson!!! I remember my first full night of sleep with Addie - I awoke in a panic when I realized how long she had been sleeping!! Thanks for sharing the info about Baby Sawyer - how sad:( I hope he is able to get the treatment he needs.

Hope you and Emerson have a wonderful weekend with the fam and celebrating what your hubs works so hard to protect:)

Lucy The Valiant said...

What a sweetie- yay for sleeping!

And my babies have a Gigi, too!

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