Bye Bye Baby Weight (BBBW) Week 2

Week 2:
This Week’s Loss/Gain: –1.6
Total Weight Lost: 22.3
Weight to Go- 13.4 lbs

Food:  I had an easy week when it came to eating healthy. We only ate out once and it’s so much easier to count points when we eat at home. I’m still having a hard time eating all of my points every day, but I definitely think I’m eating enough so I’m not too concerned. I didn’t use any of my extra points this week but it’s nice knowing they’re there.

Fitness: I go to my final doctor’s appointment next week so until then I’m just sticking to walking. After I get cleared by my doctor my plan is to start Couch to 5K. Since I haven’t run in so long I really want to start off slow and easy. I think C25K will be the best way to do that. I also ordered Turbo Fire which I talked about here. I am so excited to get started but I do plan on waiting until the end of next week. 


Last Week’s Goals:
- Drink 8 glasses of water every day- Didn’t do so hot with this one
-Walk 3 times (We walked 4 times- yay!)
-Stay within points and track EVERYTHING The WW Iphone app makes this EASY!

emerson week 6 120
Emerson was ready for our walk this morning!

e carrier
We alternate between her carrier and her stroller for walks. As you can tell, she loves the carrier and usually passes out immediately. Smile

This Week’s Goals-
- Drink 8 glasses of water every day
-Walk 4 Times
-Stretch everyday (I’m horrible about this so maybe making it a goal will motivate me to do it.)

If you’re also working on losing the baby weight, or just trying to work on your health and fitness I will be doing BBBW every Monday. Feel free to link up!  If you want the button send me an email and I'll send you the code. Have a great Monday! :)

Ashley said...

you look great!! Good job sticking with your goals and continuing to lose the weight you want to lose! =)

cait said...

Glad to hear the WW is going to so well for you! Love the picture of her in the carrier! So sweet. :)

Michelle said...

You look amazing! And little Emerson look so mature in that photo - LOVE!

Lindsay said...

you are doing great!!!! :)

Rachel and John said...

I'm going to join! Can you send me the button code please?

Natalie said...

She looks SO TINY in the carrier like that :) How fun to be able to exercise & spend time with your little one!

Kirby and Anna said...

Awesome job on week 2!

You inspire me to do better. We will be trying for a little one in Aug. and I want to be in better shape before we start that process. I figured the more in shape and healthy I am before, the easier it'll be afterwards. maybe.... hopefully.
Thanks for the motivation!

the workaholic momma said...

YAY - awesome job this week!! I totally need to join you on this mission - I say it every week but I've got to start doing something in a big way rather than in spurts!!! Thanks so much for sharing - such a great idea and you look wonderful. I LOVE Emerson's hat!!!

Amanda said...

you are awesome!!!!! you look great....and those are sweet pictures! i just finished the couch to 5k program....and i did it! :) it actually works! i wanted to give up a billion times, but i stuck with it!

The Shamblins said...

I'm setting goals today and I'm going to Link up next week!

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