Bye Bye Baby Weight Week 1

On Wednesday, I will be 5 weeks post partum. It’s generally recommended to wait at least 8 weeks before starting any sort of weight loss routine. However, I decided I wanted to go ahead and look into rejoining Weight Watchers last week. Luckily for me, they have an excellent program for nursing mothers and I started it last Monday.  It allows for plenty of calories to keep up with nursing, while still losing weight in a slow and healthy manner. I’ll be documenting it all here- starting today!

I gained about 36 lbs during my pregnancy. Before starting Weight Watchers last week, I lost about 18 lbs. Whoever said that ALL of the weight will just fall right off was lying- at least in my case. I can tell I’m going to have to work hard to get back to the size I want to be. The good news is this week I lost 2.7 lbs, which means I have 15 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Of course, I was about 5 lbs over the weight I like to be when I got pregnant so my ultimate goal is really 20 lbs but I’m going to focus on the first 15 to get started!

This is what I looked like a few days before having Emerson:


This is what I looked like pre-pregnancy and what I’m hoping to get back down to.  (not perfect by any means but something to work towards and definitely better than I look right now) Smile

Ijenda 071


baby weight


Week 1:

This Week’s Loss/Gain: –2.7

Total Weight Lost: 20.7

Weight to Go- 15 lbs


I can’t believe how many points you get on the new WW Points Plus plan. I get 14 extra points each day for nursing plus ALL fruits and vegetables are free on the new plan. This is AWESOME but it does make it hard to eat all of my points every day. I came pretty close most days so I think I did ok. The new plan also allows for 49 extra points for the week. I went to Johnny Carino’s one day for lunch and had cheese tortellini, bread, and salad with gorgonzola dressing. Since I didn’t track my food that day, I counted it as using my extra 49 points.



I am dying to start exercising again but I had my checkup last week and my doctor told me to wait another 2-3 weeks before doing anything more strenuous than walking. My goal last week was to walk every day. Unfortunately the average temperature here has been 100+. This means if I want to walk ,I need to do it before 8:30 or it’s just too hot for Emerson. Last week, we only walked once because we slept past 8:30 every other day. My goals this week is to walk at least 3 times. Next week, I hope to start doing something a little bit more intense.

Goals for this Week:

- Drink 8 glasses of water every day

-Walk 3 times

-Stay within points and track EVERYTHING

Ok Mommies- I’m curious to know what you did/are doing to shed that extra baby weight? If any of you are just getting started and want to link up on Mondays, shoot me an email! Smile


Emily said...

YOU GO GIRL! I think you are doing great! I wish I had known about this weight watchers thing when I was nursing. Good luck to you.

Amy Young said...

Thats great that you have already lost that much prego weight! I hear that breast feeding makes it fall off. At least it did for Kelly... she's so tiny now. You are such a determined person, I am sure you wont have any trouble getting the rest off!Cant wait to hear more about your weight loss journey!

:)p.s. I miss you!! Wish I could go to TX and visit before you fly off to some foreign land!

the workaholic momma said...

Way to go, girl!!! I've been trying to get into a routine for 2 months now but am really struggling with it! Maybe I should link up with you on Mondays for some extra accountability:)

Kristin said...

I'm so glad that I came across your super cute blog! I did WW after having my first child & it was amazing!! So easy and the food is so yummy! I can't wait to rejoin after I have my baby girl in November. I had no idea that they have a certain program for nursing mother's! Now--I'm even more excited! Thanks for posting & I look forward to seeing your progress! Have a great day!

Kirby and Anna said...

Gosh, I only hope I look as good as you did during pregnancy and afterwards! You go girl!

The Shamblins said...

Ugh I'm right there with you. I could have written this exact same post my self. I gained 35 have lost about 20 but still need to get the next 15 off. I signed up for WW too. I'm having trouble eating all the points. What all are you eating. I have lost about 3 pounds so far though so I guess it's ok! I go to the doc on Thursday and if he gives the ok I think I'm going to start going to Zumba toning.

Mateya said...

I am not a mom but I do WW and I LOVE it! It's so great to have fruits and veggies for 0 points...I never feel hungry!

Natalie said...

How awesome that they have a program for nursing moms! What a great way to be accountable and still lose the weight you want to! Good luck!!

Stephanie said...

Go to the mall to walk! It's been 100 degrees here with a heat index of 115. Most malls open before the stores open, so you can go early in the day.

cait said...

Way to go, girl!! Glad to know about the Weight Watchers for moms! I will have to look into that down the road! I know you'll be successful...you seem super determined! :)

Lauren said...

I'll be joining you on this journey in a few weeks when the Dr says ok. Not sure what my plan is yet Good luck!s

Sawyer See's Hope said...

Tami!!!! Thank you so so much for your donation. I cannot thank you enough for that. Every dollar counts and your donation is a blessing! So blessed to know people like you. Again, thank you SO much! :) I would do the same for Emerson in a heart beat!

The Jesse said...

i'm not a mom {yet, maybe someday} and i do WW too. i love having 0 pts for fruits/most veggies! it sure makes snacking easier, at least when i make sure to have lots of fruit & veggies in the house :)

good luck :)

The Barker's said...

You're doing great!!! Nursing helps out so much and those lbs fly off! I lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks! It's great weight watchers has a plan for nursing mothers!!!

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