Emerson- 2 Weeks

Sweet Baby Girl,

It’s so hard to believe that you are already 2 weeks old. Time is just flying by! I know I’ve already told you this, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to us. When I look back on my life and the things I have accomplished, none of them bring a quarter of the happiness to me that you do. I love to sit and stare at you- it’s amazing to me that you were created by your Daddy and me (and God, of course.) You truly are our little gift from above and we are so very thankful that God has trusted us to be your parents. We are so, so blessed.



emerson week 2 087

emerson week 2 099


This week:

You had your first doctor’s appointment. You weigh 7 lbs and 2 ozs. You are not quite up to your birth weight but you’re getting close. They measured you as 20 inches long instead of 21 so that’s what we’ll go with even though the hospital says you were 21.

Your appointment went great but you did have to have your heel pricked. You did great when they did the prick but you did get very upset when they squeezed your little foot to put the blood on the card. Although it only took about 5 minutes, it seemed to take forever. It was the first time you cried real tears and it made Mommy want to cry too. When we picked you up there was a little wet spot on the table from your tears. Sad smile My poor baby! You got a Hello Kitty band-aid when the nurse was done.

emerson week 2 081

Your umbilical cord stump finally fell off and you have an adorable little belly button. Now we can give you your first real bath.

emerson week 2 038

You took your first trip to Target. Of course, you had to get dressed up. You were worn out before we even left so you slept the whole time.


Your Nana’s visit came to an end. I know you will miss her and she will miss you too!

emerson week 2 007

You have not wanted to go to bed at night. I think it’s because you sleep so much during the day. You will usually go to sleep after Mommy or Daddy hold you for a while and then you sleep great the rest of the night. When you wake up to eat you go right back to sleep after you are done.

You are eating every 3-4 hours. You are getting better at nursing every day! Mommy is so proud of you! When you don’t nurse you usually take 2-2.5 ozs of pumped milk.

You tried your swing for the first time. You liked it for about 5 minutes and then you were done. We’ll keep trying and see if it grows on you.

emerson week 2 056

You are still wearing newborn diapers and clothes. You have tons of 0-3 month clothes so it will be fun when you are big enough to wear them.

You met lots of your family members, including your Great-Grandmother.

emerson week 2 039

Mommy and Daddy have been loving on you every second possible. We don’t want to  miss a second with our precious little girl. We love you baby!

emerson week 2 048


The Barker's said...

She's beautiful!!!! Love all her outfits and headbands!!!! So precious!!!

Anonymous said...

she is soooo adorable tami!!!!

Amanda said...

she is so beautiful!!!! i love your family picture at the bottom! :)

Ashley said...

she is beautiful! congratulations mommy!!

Rebekah said...

She is beautiful! She just looks so sweet!

Anonymous said...

she is gorgeous!!

Mateya said...

So precious! :)

Joeylee said...

aww she is just to cute.

the workaholic momma said...

Emerson is just SO beautiful - the pictures are great!!! She looks so peaceful and happy and you guys look great for having a 2 week old!!! I just LOVE her polka dot dress:)

Target was our first trip out too and Addie slept through it too!!!

Thanks so much for the update - I know its tough when you have a newborn at home!!

Rachel and John said...

Aw happy 2 weeks! She is so tiny! Henry was 8 pounds at birth so when I see her she looks so tiny!!

Amy Young said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! I love all of the pics!! Esp the one where she is yawning! TOO FREAKIN CUTE!

Chloe didnt go into labor while I was home, but she is in the hospital today... and she took your advise RE: getting an epidural... shes been in labor for 40 hours, and they finally admitted her today after two failed attempts due to hardly any dialation.

Anyway... so glad to see Emerson here, and you all together as a family!! Give her a kiss for me and tell Jesse we say hey!

KDubyaF said...

Um, she is DARLING! Does she need a boyfriend because I know a handsome 7 mo. old boy that would LOVE the honor! Don't worry about the sleeping, she'll get it, C started figuring it out around a month, until then we just looked (felt, acted) zombie-esque :). Such sweet days though! And c didn't care for the swing til about a month or two and then BAM, baby hypnosis. Keep trying :). You have a darling girl there momma, a late congrats to you!

Brittany said...

These are the sweetest pictures ever! I am your newest follower : )

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