Emerson- 3 Weeks

Dear Emerson,

How is it that you are already 3 weeks old? Even though Mommy wants it to, time is definitely not slowing down. That’s why I try to hold you every chance I get. I don’t care if you get spoiled- that’s what baby girls are for, right? I also take tons of pictures of you. You’re already so used to it that you don’t even flinch when the flash goes off anymore.  You’re definitely the most interesting (and adorable) subject I’ve ever photographed. You’re also the most loved little girl in the world. Every night when I say my prayers I thank God for giving me such a beautiful and healthy little girl. Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back sweet girl!




Emerson Week 3 074edit

Emerson Week 3 073edit

This week:

You’re nursing like a champ. The day after you turned 2 weeks it suddenly just clicked with you.  I think you’re going through a little growth spurt because you’ve been eating a lot. Usually every 2.5 hours but sometimes you want to eat sooner. I still give you a bottle of pumped milk at least once a day. I want you to be used to taking a bottle for when we’re out and about. You usually eat about 2.5 ozs.

You’ve been waking up two times a night to eat. You usually sleep for 4.5-5 hours after the second feeding.

We’re working on getting into a schedule. We’re following Babywise and hope to get into an Eat-Wake-Sleep schedule. We’ve only done it a few days and you did great for the most part, but we got off schedule last night so we slept in this morning. We’ll get it eventually. Smile

Emerson Week 3 003

Mommy did something I swore I’d never do. You hardly slept last night from 6 pm to midnight. For some reason you were very fussy. I think your tummy was hurting. Every time I laid you in your bed, you started to cry. By midnight I was so tired and felt so bad that you were crying, I put you in bed next to me to snuggle. I planned on putting you back in your bed after a few minutes but I woke up about 5:30 this morning with you snuggled up against me. It’s definitely not something I plan on making a habit out of, but I’m glad it helped you sleep and it was nice to hold you all night long.

You got a Newborn Rock ‘N Play sleeper. You didn’t seem to like your Pack ‘N Play so I decided we should try the Rock ‘N Play out. You look so comfortable sleeping in it.

Emerson Week 3 014

You are starting to make so many noises. You sigh all the time and it is just so sweet. You’re really noisy when you’re sleeping- I love to sit and listen to you. I always think you’re awake when you get going but you’re not.

Your hair is growing. You were almost completely bald on top when you were born but you have a lot of hair coming in now. It sticks straight up and is super soft. It’s a light brown/blondish color on top but it’s dark in the back (it’s also long in the back.)

Emerson Week 3 076edit

You don’t really like tummy time. You cry during most of it. The very first time we did tummy time you did something pretty amazing. Mommy knew you were going to be a genius! Smile

Tummy Time For the First Time

You went to the mall for the first time. You slept the whole time, as usual.

Emerson Week 3 025

You had lots of visitors this week. No one comes to see Daddy and me anymore. You’re the star of the show now, sweet girl!

Emerson Week 3 005Papa and Nana

Emerson Week 3 017Aunt Toni

Emerson Week 3 043Uncle Gary

Just in case you forgot, let me say it one more time. I love you sweet baby girl! You are the light of my life!

Emerson Week 3 032


Elizabeth said...

Aww, she's beautiful Tami...So so precious! :)


the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness - she is just the most precious little thing!!! And so strong and smart too - that is AMAZING that she is already rolling over:) I love the updates - thank you so much for sharing!!

Joeylee said...

they get big so fast. she is adorable! I think having 2 makes it go by so much faster. Like I cant believe that my youngest is already 6 months old!

Kirby and Anna said...

She is too perfect! I LOVE that video. It's awesome you were able to get that on video!

Ashley said...

she is beautiful! thank you for sharing as she grows =)

Mateya said...

She is just so cute and I can't believe she rolled over! Woah!

Kelly said...

She is so cute!!! Where did you get that adorable headband/flower/bow thing!?

Oh, and Maggie sleeps in her Rock N Play every night. I'm worried about the transition to her crib, but whatever - we get great sleep right now!

Nicole said...

I absolutetly love the first picture!! That is a great video too!! So happy for you!! Enjoy this time you have now, it does go by way too fast!! And you can't have to many pictures ;)

Andrea said...

How cute is she! Enjoy every second! My baby girl is almost 4 months and those first wonderful weeks seem so far away now! They grow up so so fast! We did babywise as well and it worked well for us! I did a very loose version of it, I would wake her up to feed her to make sure she got enough to eat during the day, and did the dream feed, and I think by 5 weeks she was sleeping through the night! She now sleeps 7pm-6am without waking. It's so worth it if you stick with it!! I cuddle in bed with her all the time, they are only babies once =) I just love to hold her until she goes to sleep, I can't help it! Regarding the comment you made about her tummy hurting, my daughter started doing that at about 3 weeks (she was and is breastfed too) and I couldn't figure out what was wrong and I could tell she was in pain. Finally I figured out she was just a gassy little thing and had to give her mylicon a few times a day. It was such a lifesaver for her! Sorry this is so long and all over the place, I just wanted to let you know about mylicon if you don't have it already =)

Amy Young said...

I am loving these weekly updates... :)))

cait said...

LOVE the month patch on sweet Emerson's onesie in the pic. Where did you find those?

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