Tuesday Randoms

  • Thank you to everyone for all of your sweet comments about our sweet baby girl! I am sorry I haven’t responded back to y’all but I do truly appreciate each and every comment and I will get back to replying to comments soon!


  • On the same note, I’ve been slacking when it comes to blogging lately and when I do post it’s 100 percent Emerson related. What can I say? I’m totally in love with her and she is the number one focus in my life now so of course that will carry over into the blog. Hopefully I’m not boring y’all to death! Smile


  • I went shopping yesterday for post-pregnancy clothes. Let me just give a little piece of advice. Don’t shop 3 weeks post-partum. It was quite depressing. I left empty-handed and slightly defeated. I know it’s only been 3 weeks but I didn’t realize just quite how much I had “filled out.”


  • I have a plan to start shedding this extra pregnancy weight but I’m waiting for my doctor’s appointment next week to get the go ahead. I’ve heard that starting  to diet/exercise too early can affect your milk supply so I definitely want to make sure I do it right. I’m anxious to get started though (see comment about clothes shopping above!) Winking smile


  • Emerson’s birth certificate and social security card have arrived which means we can get her passport photos done and send off the paperwork for her passport. I think it’s so funny that she will have a passport before she is 6 weeks old and I didn’t get mine until I was 28!


I hope everyone is doing well! I’m working on catching up with blogs and leaving comments. We’re slowly getting into a routine here so hopefully I’ll have a little more time soon. If you don’t see much of me, it’s because I’m  busy snuggling with this little cutie.

Emerson Week 3 066


the workaholic momma said...

Absolutely no need for apologies - enjoy this time with your precious Emerson and I LOVE hearing all about her and seeing all of the pics!!! And don't worry yourself too much about the weight - I'm 8 months out, below my pre-preg weight and some things still don't fit right. I feel like the weight re-distributes to new places:( but I'm determined to get those back to normal too:)

Thanks so much for sharing all of the pics and updates!!

Kirby and Anna said...

I love Emerson's bow in this picture! She's too cute!

Rachel and John said...

I went shopping at 3 weeks too but I didn't have the guts to try anything on. I'll be living in my sweats until I'm happy with how I look.

Amy Young said...

You look great post pregnancy!! And it has only been 3 weeks... Dont sweat it. :)

That is pretty funny about the Passport, I still dont even have one. She will be a world traveler by age 1. :) Shes such a cutie... glad you all are doing well!

The Jeffcoats said...

I love reading about sweet little Emerson and how you're doing! I want to meet her so badly and Ann Elise wants to meet her new BFF!! By the way, I LOVE her in her sweet little "E" outfit!! Miss you a lot!!

The Barker's said...

She's precious and you will shed the weight!!!

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