Bye Bye Baby Weight Week 4

Week 4:
This Week’s Loss/Gain: –.6 Sad smile
Total Weight Lost: 25.5
Weight to Go- 10.2 lbs

Food:  I ate okay this week. I stayed within my points but I didn’t eat as many fruits and veggies as I normally do. We went out to eat a few times so I think this might have something to do with my little loss this week. I also didn’t count points one day. We went out for Chinese food at a buffet. I have no idea how many points were in everything so I’m counting that I used 10 of my extra points. 

Fitness: This was my best week for fitness so far. I did something almost every day. I tried the first workout from Turbo Fire. I really liked it and I was pretty sore the next day.  Some of the choreography was hard to keep up with even in the beginner version but I would just jump around when I couldn’t figure out which punches I was supposed to be doing. Smile Couch to 5k is going really well. Each time I run I feel a little bit less stiff. Hopefully I’ll be running long distances again in no time.
  • Monday- walk with Emerson
  • Tuesday- Rest
  • Wednesday-Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 1
  • Thursday- Turbo Fire Fire 30
  • Friday – Couch to 5k Week 1 Day 2
  • Saturday –Rest
  • Sunday- Couch to 5k Week 1 Day

Last Week’s Goals:
-Complete first week of Couch to 5K (3 days) - Try TurboFire at least one time -Track all food/points- Missed one day

This Week’s Goals-
-Complete second week of Couch to 5K (3 days)
- Try another Turbo Fire workout
-Track all points- This will be harder this week because we will have a lot going on but hopefully I’ll stick with it.

Okay fellow momma’s- how did you do this week? Link up here!

Jen said...

Good for you girl!

I just started the 30 day shred after getting the OK to exercise last week; I'd love to participate in this but I've had little to no time to post lately!

Lauren said...

Stick with it! Some weeks are better than others but if you stick to the plan you'll get there. Good luck!

Lyndsey said...

1. wow - you are almost back to your pre-preg weight and in such short time, great job!

and i was reading some of your old posts...

2. emerson and those bows = so adorable!

3. i once had a scorpion crawling up a towel i had just wrapped around me when i got out of the shower - i FREAKED out!

4. where did you get her passport photo taken? i need to get Liam's done this week and i saw costco does them but i didn't ask specifically if they do babies...hopefully they do because i have no idea where else to go!

Rachel and John said...

Woo! At least you are still Losing weight! I only lost 0.5 pounds this week. WHat was it about this week?

Try to stay positive! We are both SO CLOSE!!!

Amanda said...

i hope to be that active this week!!!! way to go! :)

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