BBBW Week 11


Week 11:

This Week’s Loss/Gain: 0 lbs. 
Total Weight Lost: 33
Weight to Go- 3 lbs

Food:  I did okay on eating this week. We had two functions to go to and both involved yummy food. Enough said…

Fitness:  Ok- so I only worked out two times this week but I am super stoked because I ran. I mean I actually really ran. I went to the gym on Monday determined to do a day of Couch to 5K. When I got on the treadmill I decided to just see how long I could run without stopping. I made it 27 minutes for a total of 2.5 miles! I honestly could not believe it. I haven’t run that far in over a year. Granted, it was pretty slow, but still! My second workout of the week consisted of a 3 mile run in 32 minutes. Smile I have to say I felt pretty darn good to be really running again!
Last Week’s Goals:
-Work out on Monday
-Complete 3 workouts- 2/3

This Week’s Goals:
-Run 6 miles total (This can be divided into 2 or 3 workouts)
-Complete the Weekly Challenge (see below)
- Drink 8 glasses of water each day

Weekly Challenge:

I thought it might be fine to set up a weekly challenge for all of us to complete. I always see all of these great workouts on Pinterest, but I’ve yet to try one. So- the challenge this week is to complete this workout:

Even though it says Monday, you can do it any day this week. If you want to pick the challenge for another week (a workout or health/fitness goal) send me an email or let me know when you comment. Smile

I hope everyone has a great week. I’ll leave you with a little bit of motivation. (Seeing things like this always helps motivate me.)

Lyndsey said...

Hey Tami! I loved your post on tips for flying with a baby and I have a question for you! We are flying with Liam pretty soon and I'm planning on nursing him on the plane, but I also wanted to bring some backup bottles just in case. I read you brought some along too - was there any problem getting them through security? I haven't researched it yet and my husband said he would call and ask, but I started wondering if you got through just fine with breast milk bottles or if you had to make formula bottles once you were through. I was stressing about this at like midnight last night, ha! Thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

you are so close to your goal! Thanks for all the motivational quotes

Traci said...

Great job on the running! I'd say that's pretty awesome especially since you haven't ran in over a year!

Amy said...

I agree with Traci, Great job on the running! I love the challenge idea. I'm making that today's goal, to complete your challenge!

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