Bye Bye Baby Weight Week 8

Week 8:

This Week’s Loss/Gain: -5.1 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 30.2 lbs

Weight to Go- 5.5 lbs

Food: I haven't been counting points, but I know for sure I haven't been eating as much as I was the last few weeks before we left.  That being said, I'm still shocked that I had such a big loss. (I'm also taking into account the fact that I'm weighing on a new scale- and it's in kilograms- so it could be off by a little bit.)  I probably won't count points this week either but I hope to be back on program next week.

Fitness: I haven't worked out AT ALL in the last few weeks unless you count the bajillion times I go up and down the stairs at our new place each day. :) I do plan on getting started again this week though. Our subdivision has a nice gym and it is litterally 15 steps away from our house so I really have NO excuses!

Goals for this Week:

- Complete Couch to 5k Week 2 again (Since it's been so long since I did Week 2 I think it will be best if I repeat it)
- Do strength training at least 3 times
-Complete Week 2 of 100 Pushups Program

the workaholic momma said...

YAY!!! CONGRATS on your big loss:) Sorry I'm a day late...we were out of town this weekend so I'm just now getting back to normal:)

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